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Itchy Anus - Black Specs in Stool

Almost two months ago, I had some type of stomach bug and was sick for about 6 days.
I got through that, had an antibiotic, etc. and then recovered -
Around the same time, however, I started having some itching around my anus, and for the first couple of weeks, inside of the anal canal.
Well, it's about 1.5-2 months later, and I still have itching.
It is better when I take a bath, or shower - but won't go away.  It subsides for periods of time - sometimes a whole day, but then comes back - many times with a vengeance.  It's worse after a bowel movement - but not immediately after a bowel movement.
I've seen my normal primary care physician, who gave me a steroid cream (proctozone) - and I've also tried zinc oxide to help with the itching.
I've tried all the normal procedures - avoiding over washing / scrubbing to preserve natural oils of the skin- not wiping too forcefully, creams, etc.  I added FiberCon to my diet, to soften my stools, and has helped with hemmorhoids I initially had - so I don't think it's that.  
The itching inside the anal canal has subsided, but outside of the anus, even as far sometimes as 2 inches away, the itching continues.
I noticed that I have small little black specs in my stool from time to time.  They look kind of like seeds - black and flat.  I've seen them several times during all of this-- even when I haven't had a bowel movement and just wipe because I'm itching.  I've attached a photo after wiping - no stool here, but a couple of these black flakes.
Please help if you can - this has been horrible.
I want to go to a specialist also - but should I go to a proctologist, a gastroenterologist, or a dermatologist?

Thanks in advance.
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Sorry I forgot the photo - but there was not much to it - just tiny black spec on otherwise completely white/clean toilet tissue.
Hi eaglestarship! Please see my comment to the OP
Sorry, Nurse2HelpU - I don't know what 'to the OP' means...
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Hi, hope worm infestation has been ruled out. It can cause anal itching. Worm infestation happens on eating contaminated food or water. It's a direct faeco-oral transmission. The types of worms causing infection are trematodes, cestodes, and nematodes. For proper evaluation of what you had seen, you will need to consult your primary care physician, who will do a stool analysis to determine the cause. Regards.
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I have had the exact same thing.. its now been 7 months and starting to ruin my life.

I am a woma and so its also effecting my labia/vulva.

Like you I have the crawling/itching sensation, follwed by wiping of black pepper like specs, and almost barb looking black objects.

I have seen my GP MANY times now, been tesed for all sorts of things, they have done slides 3 times, stool samples, bloods twice, I have tried steiord cream, thrush cream, scabies cream (which does off 24 hours releif but then it returns), antihisimines, washing, not washing, changing washing powder, changing diet, changing habbits, beds, bed linen... my list goes on.I have treated for worms, or all sorts including hook worms so I know its not worms.

The Dr wants to give me a anti depressant now beliving I am 'imaganing' this!!!!!! arrrrrg.

I am reluctant to go down the herbal route for treamnets as my GP said some of the things I was thinking pf taking were potentially not very good for me.

I am now today looking for a specialist parasite GP to pay privatley... but all I seem to find is expensive colonic irrigation clinics.

On top of this (if it could get any worse) im pretty sure I have seen the black specs in my daughters stool, shes 5yrs old. I feel sick!


Hi Chelsa1111! Please see my comment to the OP
Me too Im on worm pills not helping what is it. ?
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Hi there,

I have some similar symptoms to you with the black specks in stool and rectal issues. I got very sick about 10 months ago and now both of my children show black specks and sometimes threads in diaper or in poo.

When you say barb looking black objects, do you mean they have little rough parts to them? Some of mine look like they have threads in them.

Do you have any sleeping problems, fatigue, itching, red spots, cognitive problems ( forgetfulness or newly developed anxiety) ?

Hi Normanred! Please see my comment to the OP
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Can it be overgrown  yeast, parasites more like.
Hi havefaith7! Please see my comment to the OP
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Omg I am so relieved to know that I am not alone in this. I have dealt with this for months (itchy anus) but only recently have I been seeing the black specs on toilet paper after wiping(without a bowel movement)
I also sometimes feel a crawling sensation in my vaginal area.
Have not seen a dr yet as I donot have medical ins, but I have made alot of changes trying to determine the cause I,e, diet,detergent, soap,etc but to no avail. I'm thinking about an ER visit as the discomfort is interfering with my lifestyle(loss of appetite, restlessness,sleep deprivation) I NEED RELIEF!!!
BTW,I am not sexually active and I haven't been for a number of years,so I know it's not sexually related. Have also tried otc meds for yeast infections.
Was wondering what, if any, results came from these above symptoms? Were any of you able to find a diagnosis or treatment?
Hi Looking4Answers098! Please see my comment
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My symptoms  include black dots in povand 40times larger bugs . Block spots appearin in hair and longer black thread like insects also travel all over my body . If I put white socks on my clean "bug free looking foot . I fill the thick white socks with  Diatomaceous earth natural bug killer powder and leave for 5hours plus the 20 bugs plus surface from the foot, fine black thread like lines poke through the white sock  like they're trying to breath they seem dead and the rest of there bodies are stuck in the sock .

The bugs burrow into the skin lay white eggs like scabies the long black bugs may be adult makes the white round clear bits may be females and eggs are hard . I can feel them like sand when I rub coconut oil and tea tree over them . This seems to kill them but many remain alive under the skin. They sting like tiny bees when irritated or burrowing . They live in my eye corners , my anus canal (these are huge in comparison and are black dots as well as small sunflower seed in shape which are light in colour . They are resistant to prescription nit , lice , scabies creams crabs etc . I find them on cups door handles etc . My mum and sister have caught them . If you put the black bug on a sensitive part of your arm it will nit if it's alive feeling like a sting and try to burrow

I will see dermatologist on 13dec until then I will continue to DE my whole house myself the dig . Leave it in my bed and steam everything and wipe all I touch . My mum is a sociable person who hates to be alone so the isolation is severely distressing for her . I of course duplicate all I do for myself for my mum . I've gone throug two washing machines and irons to kill what I initially thought were nits I thought I had for 10 months plus not recognising the bugs on my body as I thought the stings were due to menopause lol. It's not funny really it's very debilitating, isolating and if I wasn't trying to stay sane I'd say scary as to be honest I'm realist this may be an unidentified bug to date , possibly contracted when I visited Bali . I did once sleep in a bed with bed bugs in Bali  but they don't live on body . Dr has ruled out scabies nits . I've lots of photos of the various stages . Egg nymph small sunflower seed shape and sized bug , but not sure if they're post so I'll try . Kleen green natural enzyme is something I'm tryin and they hate neem oil . Which is said to kill mites . I'm only 2 weeks into the body covering  routine which takes up all of my day . I'm see results externally with DH and use a turkey vaster to put it in my bottom mixed with coconut oil . Neem oil remained on my hair for 4 days and killed lots (but stinks and is mess ) powder is messy but no odor tea tree with coconut oil helps keep them down and I use plastic gloves when the itch comes at night and day sometimes and keep nails. CLean as they dig into skin under the nails like a scabies if you scratch one off.i use hibiscrub on them to prevent infection too, They do form moles but they're really just the bug which I pick off and sometimes find eggs or black dot bugs  in them. I have dermatologist.  The emotional impact is huge DI I suggest you do share with trusted friends and see it as a job you just have to do. Perhaps like me it is a time of change forced into us that's necessary as I find that it will put life into perspective and you will see what really matters. I'm a hoarder and knowing the bug is all around the home is helping me clear ... a job I always wanted to do but couldn't . I have also had to loose my bug phobia or crack up. So now I think of them as irritating buggers rather than the dreaded fearful horror story they could be viewed as which does no one any good . Si go to battle with the little buggers and let everyone know what helps as there is a new bug in town and we are the ones that will find the ciure together . Another tip is use vassaline or better still emollient 50 around the anus or coconut oil with tea tree .and the blessed calamine lotion that' really helps try it on its own too. My sister swears by tiger balm cider vinegar over the body hair etc leave half hour then cover wth DEPowder or coconut oil lavender tea tree mix .she bathed in cayenn pepper when itching becomes too much . We did get desperate and tried petrol on for half hour  but please don't do that as it's dangerous obviously . And I'm not sure it works . I've just ordered neem leaf tablets which they say clears internal bugs . Hoover keep hands clean and keep covering your body with anything they don't like I've heard papaya and it's seeds kill parasites .

Whatever you do be sure it's safe . Discuss with your GP and do stay strong . We really do need our own support group but I'm not sure how we could arrange it but we could use made up names so we remain anonymous. But let's not try to get embarrassed life sends its trials and we learn and change and this won't kill us so I'm sure will make us stronger . Love and healing to you all
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It's the human flea finally found it on the web after months of searching its 4 growth stages are described here . In brief email me on ***@**** re progress .

The tiny black dot that boroughs may be a sand bug/mite  but it may also be just a tiny boroughing flea .i see dermatologist 13th Dec 17 sampleas are currently being investigated by public health dept . All humans bugs in us this is just a particularly problematic . I say this because I felt all the things you have from disgusted lousy , frightened guilts @why me " but ultimately I see now it's just another challenge that makes us grow and change we control weather that change is for the better. So don't isolate yourself but stay away from elderly and very young . I wear a plastic rain coat in from Wales U.K. Lol so I can it rains lots here but that protect me I. The house and others when out . I've plastic gloves on all the time at home to stop the tiny black dots getting in. I'm using fleas shampoo twice daily as it does t kill those under the skin and. Lean green mixed with water to stop itching ( its east to spray on hard to reach areas along with calamine lotion and Alo Vera which helps not sure . My house is covered in Diatomaceous earth I'm wearing cat flea collars around my wrists it looks like a bracelet honestl lol and am thinking of getting one for round my neck . Ciastor oil has been recommended to me . And I sometimes cling film my legs and arms with neem oil or Diatomaceous earth under it but don't leave on too long or you may get heat bumps which ( I think they were heat bumps anyway bugs came out of some . Get ear buds and protect nose eyes ears with something they don't like ie citrus . Mum said they hate citrus so blend limes lemons oranges put on you and pets . Share all that works for you on here. Or let's get a support group anonymous of course . Don't keep it to yourself tel a professional if you don't know if friends will react negatively out of fear of catching it. But don't torture yourself or self criticise . We all have challenges it's part of life and we will get control of this but until them share what works rather then discussing symptoms unless they differ from the above as everyone so far has described them more than accurately. Oh I've purchase plug in bug repeller that had high user ratings on Amazon I will let you know how it works and see u tube for home made flea traps as they do jump and if they're around you can catch them .  By all accounts they don't have wings

Love and healing to you all your not alone xx B

Email ***@**** and put fleas please help in subject box so I don't delete itv
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Sorry it didn't allow my email address so just post here and I'll. check in or someone else can help

Try to be brief , consider and don't duplicate what others have said  if possible  so as not to overwhelm the readers and to get the answers you need where possible ,
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By all accounts the hate clove I use clove oil mixed with olive or beam and take clove toblets I eat a clove of garlic chew it to
Deter those in ears and nose as I'mve had these for 9 months plus so am really infected . Do remember to post your results as it gives us hope for a cure . Im two weeks into my regime all housed clothes can be microwaved, rubbing alcohol can be prayed around house . Clean make up brushes etc after use . Wife all things you touch within reason door handles cups etc . Not everyone can catch these as some are immune . But where possible get everyone treated . Some have them but don't feel them (yet)
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don't get too OCD or you'll make more problems for yourself. Just do what you can and experiment.
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You can do a two-stage parasite cleanse regardless if you have parasites or not. It's rare in the population  thst no one is 100% clean. We all harbour something.  
New Roots Herbal makes an incredible parasite kit thst includes digestive enzymes- those really show what you have in your GI tract after a bowel movement. The enzymes just eat away at the outer coating of the parasites  and once the enzymes are dead, your bowel movements will flush away the debris of the dead organisms showing you what was actually in you.
I just did mine and saw amazing results in the toilet bowl. I do a parasite cleanse every year.

Happy Spring Cleaning!
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