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I've been constipated for almost two years, my doctor is no help!

So back in 2013 there was a time when I ate these fiber bars for breakfast everyday for about a week maybe. At the time I didn't know when you increase your fiber intake you need to increase your water intake. So I went maybe 2 weeks without using the bathroom at all. I guess I really didn't notice it because at the time I was dealing with the end of the year at school and family issues. When I finally did notice my mom and I went to see my doctor. She took an X ray of my stomach and just prescribed me miralax. Which for me didn't work. If I took too much I things would be watery but still nothing much would come out. If I took thr right amount things would be pencil thin and still not much came out. Ever since then my digestion hasn't been right. Over the years its just gotten worse, ive tried many things on my own. Ive tried the liquid magnesium citrate and that used to work well but it does nothing anymore, Fleet enemas do nothing, I've even tried a real enema and that too barely did anything! There were points where I didn't use the bathroom AT ALL for weeks and even months. When I lay flat on my stomach I can feel a huge lump, or when I press on my stomach its painful. Sometimes my stomach gets so bloated and I look like I'm pregnant. Recently I had this extreme sharp pain in my side I couldn't even move, I just curled over and waited for the pain to pass. I'm so afraid to eat, I've even fell like I have to throw up if I eat too much, and I have thrown up a couple times. I went to the doctor again recently and told her the miralax isnt working, I told her about the pain and the throwing up. She did another X ray and told me I was filled with stool and blocked up all around my colon. But all she did was tell me to either take dulcolax or take a square of exlax followed by a fleet enema for a week! I woild think if I'm at the point of throwing up something more would have been done!! (Btw shes a pediatric doctor,  I'm 19 but she said they would keep seeing me till im 21 if I like. I don't know if its because she's a pediatric doctor is the reason why she's taking these approaches that aren't working.  Maybe she doesn't know what to do?) All she is doing is telling me to take different laxatives but it's not working, and I'm so scared.. I've read people can die from fecal impaction. I've read about people with the same problem as me but they have only been constipated for a month or less and they've been to the ER and had things taken care of! But I've been like this for almost two years so why haven't I! I don't think my doctor is taking this seriously and I'm thinking I should go to a 24 hour clinic and maybe they'll actually do something? Or the ER, but how would I get in? I'm just really scared and I don't want to be like this anymore.
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First, stop going to a pediatric dr. you need to find an internist, and more importantly a GI specialist. Your dr just prescribing different laxitives is flat out incompetence.
If you want to go to the ER (which isn't entirely a bad idea) you just walk in. There is no 'getting in' its an ER, just go and tell them whats wrong and you'll see a dr.
What most people dont realize is that the digestive system is made up of a lot of good and bad bacteria. The good bacteria keeps the bad in check and keeps you balanced (regular bowel movements). Due to our ****** diets these days, we don't consume the right foods and therefore our flora (good bacteria) isnt high enough and therefore allows the bad stuff to run wild and cause constipation, bloating, distention, etc.
So first, find a good General Practioner, then find a GI specialist. Sometimes it can take a while to get in to see one, but tell them how bad your situation is and if they cant schedule you soon, go to the ER. They should at least be able to give you something to flush your system out, or at least tell you what to do.
I would also keep drinking water, and a lot of it. Get a very strong probiotic. So go to a health food store or vitamin shop, tell them whats going on and that you need a strong probiotic. You want the ones that are kept cold, with 7 or more strains of good bacteria and at least 50 billion live cultures.
Next, change your diet. No greasy food, no processed food, no dairy, and no gluten. These are all foods that are hard to digest, and you want to make things as easy as possible for your gut.
Get things like chicken and fish, but make sure they are non-gmo and have no antibiotics in them. Get a good, organic coconut oil to cook them in. Also, get organic veggies like spinach, broccoli, carrots, etc. Basically any veggies you like and steam them. Find a dairy free butter to give it flavor (I suggest earth balance).
I'd also suggest going on amazon and buying Digest Gold digestive enzymes, these work wonders and will really help your body break down foods, which should make it easy to pass stools.
I know its a lot to do, but if you do this it should help. Good luck!
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