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I've been having Incomplete Bowel Movements for over a year now, why?

I’m a 28 year old male, exercising regularly and eating pretty healthy - try to stick with whole foods and I drink metamucil everyday.

However, every single bowel movement I have feels incomplete and it has been this way for over a year.

Usually, right when I wake up I have a big urge to go and the stools are usually pretty soft (due to my metamucil and healthy diet) and a bunch comes out right away but I feel like I never finish. Throughout the day I get gassy, and into the evening, I get even more gassy and my rectum feels a bit full, especially at night. If I try to have a bowel movement throughout the day, maybe a little bit comes out but, again, I feel incomplete (if I sit there long enough, a piece might come out). In the morning,again like every morning, I have an urge to go but as always, it is incomplete yet again. This cycle repeats itself every day. If I do have a bowel movement throughout the day, it’s usually a little bit and it feels incomplete.

I’m not sure if this is related to my situation now, but about 1.5 years ago when I was diagnosed with proctitis (due to rectal gonorrhea). For 2 weeks my doctor just thought it was fecal impaction so I did enemas and laxatives for 2 weeks before it got so bad that they actually checked and found it was proctitis due to gonorhea from oral anal (multiple doctors said it was so rare they’ve never seen that happen purely from oral-anal). Regardless, I took antibiotics for it and within a few days I was COMPLETELY back to normal. For 4 months I had very good and normal bowel movements and life was normal again…. and then suddenly I started getting the incomplete bowel movement feeling out of nowhere. This wasn’t remotely as bad as when I had proctitis but I took STD tests anyway (even though I haven’t done anything since) and all came back negative. Had a stigmoidoscopy (and biosopy) and it came back normal, no inflammation or anything weird.

Not sure what could be causing my incomplete bowel movement symptoms but it hasn’t gone away for over a year.
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