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LLQ abdominal pain

I was diagnosed with a mass in the sigmoid area, by the nurse practitioner followed by my family physician and then a surgeon who was consulted.,february 2009.They though it might be colon cancer.I have diverticulosis in the area.
It was sensitive and painful..
They decided on a colonoscopy and the gastroenterologist who performed the endoscopy removed a precancerous polyp and also found an area with Crohn.s in the descending colon.
He said he did not find any mass.His exam was somewhat cursory prior to the endoscopy
March to May I was hospitalised with acquired brain injury.Although they knew my history of Crohns nobody checked me for this, and the pain medication for the headaches helped the abdominal pain so I did not remind anyone of the abdo problem.
I continued to have pain in this area and could feel a mass myself.I kept the appointment for follow up.The GI ordered ultrasound which he said did not show anything
The gastroenterologist chose to follow me and prescribed cortifoam enemas, one nightly for a month then review.
The pain and bloody stools returned when I stopped the cortifoam He said to restart them and continue for two months,
Last weekend I had very severe pain, the mass was very sensitive and then the pain sped across the abdomen, up the right side into the stomach and through to body shoulder blades into my jaws.
This was at 5am Sunday .
I forced myself from bed to go to the front door and unlock it, thinking I would have to call 911. Then I realised the abdominal pain intensity had lessened a bit so I toughed it out.
The jaw pain did not last other than a few seconds and was connected to the other pains
My Gastroenterologist did an upper endoscopy 4 days later and found three small ulcers in the duodenum and stomach inflammation.
He said it might be Crohns but have to wait for biopsy pathology results.
He prescribed Nexium 40mg once daily.
He did not examine me,and has never ordered any blood work in all this time.he has now ordered a cat scan.
I also know I have continued to lose blood in stools and from previous blood work ordered by the family physician I know my MPV is at 7.3 (august) and going down,
WBC and differential were normal at this time, Hb133 ,Ht .38.
As a side issue I have MGUS checked annualy at the cancer clinic by oncology hematologist who is very diligent and thorough in exams.
This GI specialist is very good with the endoscopies and is of very high standing at the university hospital which Iattend.
I would be interested in your opinion of my symptoms. Do you feel the management without blood work is acceptable?
Should I be looking elsewhere for another GI specialist.
I worry in case my age is against me for treatments and regular bloodwork.I am in my late 70;s
Choices are somewhat limited since it is government funded health system in Ontario Canada.

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