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LPR- Any sufferers that could help??

Hello, I am hoping someone on here who suffers with LPR may be able to help me.  I have been suffering with various throat related health problems for months and as I am an allergy sufferer, I went down that route and saw an ENT, he treated my allergy issues etc but I still have a feeling of mucus in the throat, a painful kinda burning feeling deep down in my throat which makes the side of my throat/neck ache and feel uncomfortable.  I have been following a dairy, wheat etc free diet to try and ease it and last week it settled a bit, for me then to have a glass of wine and my stomach starting playing up again and the throat went bad again. I had a scope of the throat done ages ago and the ENT though possibly reflux as I had an irrritated esophagus, and put me on omeprazole, helped a bit but then came back.  Whats odd is occasionally I can have a drink and Im okay, and then sometimes it will flare up and my throat becomes very uncomfortable.  I have just started Nexium and am waiting for a gastroscopy in a few weeks time so hope I will know more then.  I didn't mention my stomach problems to the ENT thinking they weren't related but now it seems they are...I get bloating, stomach upsets, or the opposite, wind etc and the most annoying throat trouble which drives me mad. I am in the UK and it seems to be taking forever to get a resolution to it, the nexium so far is not helping (on day 3) but that could be as I had a bad flare up last week and ,y throat feels sore.  If there is anyone out there who had been diagnosed with LPR that could tell me if they think this may be what I have, or give me info on foods to avoid, or advice I would be so grateful as its driving me mad. Message me if you would prefer.  Thanks so Much. Laura
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Hello everyone. Firstly, I am very very sorry that you all are dealing with this because I have LPR and i KNOW how terrible it is. Basically ruins the quality of your life and no one understands how you feel. I have been on PPI's for about two months and things are not getting that much better. My worst problem is the mucus and the weird throat/vocal cord irritation. I've been battling this for around five months in total, the first couple the doctors i went to did not know what to think. (this is why i'm going into medicine had enough of terrible doc's)I dont have any amazing treatments for any of you cuz if i did i would be feeling better and typing a whole shhipeele on how to make you all better. Best advice i could give is to say busy and stay on your toes. Don't get down on yourself and spend too much time in bed...(i did this the first couple months) Also, eat bread this soaks up acid. Drink plenty of water. no cough drops. no mints. Chew gum in between meals. Exercise but not too a too invasine one. Keep you spirits high. Dealing with this and stress is a challenge! Good luck.
has anyone had lpr and had is go away? what does it start to feel like when it's going away? Just a question.......here's my email adress if anybody wants someone to talk about their lpr with. ***@****
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hello . i didnt realise this problem was so common its taking over my whole way of thinking been doctors with constant clearing of throat ,dry irritating itchy ,cant even laugh with fear of going into coughing fit ... docs prescribed omeprazole 20mg twice a day plus doses of gaviscon ..had camera scope down nose all clear so was chest xray..cut out all caffeine..which helped a bit..beginning to think its all down to what you put in your stomach..i really need it to do one ...
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Hi!  I had a whole message typed here and it disappeared. So I'll give you the revised version and the most important points. Who am I kidding, I can't revise anything, so this will probably go on forever. I am not a doctor. I am just someone who has LPR. -- notice I didn't say that I suffer from it :)  I was so upset (thinking I would be like this forever ). 3 1/2 months ago, I came down with all the symptoms - 2 months with an almost unbearable sore throat, shortness of breath ( think anxiety plays a part in the shortness of breath, making it seem worse that it really is), throat clearing that started in about 1 1/2 hours after I got out of bed ( and made my throat even worse), - felt like I had something in my windpipe ( it was awful )-horrible trying to clear it.   After the doctor diagnosed me with LPR, I elevated the headboard of my bed (6 inches) and I was prescribed the typical ( I think ) medications - Prevacid, Prilosec, Zantac, just to name a few. Whatever was thrown my way in the line of medicines, only made me worse.  When I phoned and mentioned this to the Nurse on the phone at the Doctor's office, she finally said, "well then don't take anything!"  That did it for me. I thought, I need a cure!  After doing quite a bit of research on my own, on various sites, I found that other people with LPR were saying that doctors don't seem to know as much about how to treat LPR as thay do the typical GERD.  LPR is different. Anyway the one thing that caught my attention and was recommended by some former sufferers and people seemed to be very pleased with the results,  was using apple cider vinegar.  Now THIS IS WHAT I DO:  I use 1 tablespoon of BRAGGS APPLE CIDER VINEGAR (with the Mother), 1 tablespoon of HONEY and put it into a little 7 or 8 oz. cup of water ( not cold ). -- mix it up and drink through a straw.  I do this 3 TIMES A DAY!  In the morning before breakfast, anytime in the afternoon, and before Supper at night. The Mother in the Braggs-means it has enzymes in it, that helps in digestion.  The Honey is great for healing that sore throat and it's just plain good for you AND it makes the drink taste PRETTY GOOD too!  Don't let the water be too cold, just seems to work better.  Drink through a straw and  rinse mouth out a little with plain water after so as to clear your teeth of the vinegar acid.   JUST THAT SIMPLE!   I also take a Kyo-Dophilus ( probiotic supplement ) each day and 3 chewable Papaya Enzymes after supper.  AND it's all healthy stuff !  Oh, and I eat 4 apples a day! ( that's just me - lol)  I cut them up and add mayonnaise. Not only does it help, but they are delicious. I eat Organic Gala apples. My symptoms now do not take over my life. I even had a root canal on my tooth with no problem.  Once in a while I may get a little hoarseness or a touch of a sore throat, but it's so minor and goes away so fast that I hardly notice it.  I was so afraid at first, wondering how I was ever going to deal with this "condition". I even eat pretty much what I want (maybe not onions- or maybe just a few :) but I ate pizza last night! This may not be   a cure, but it certainly helps me.  Now?  I'm happy again!  Hope this helps you.   Amylu  
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Hi! my symptoms are weird, I can be fine for a few days, and every now and then it seems to be no stomach acid reflux, but some burping, and a lot of swallowing also I get a very dry throat all of a sudden, I drink water and it still seems dry. After about a half hour or few minutes, my throat gets moisture back into it, and I can swallow with siliva. Im on ppi pills right now, and they seem to work a little. Im just wondering if I am suffering from lpr? or if it is something totally different?
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