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LPR or something more sinister??

I am seriously at my wits end with my throat!

Will try and keep this brief. Early part of January I developed a cough for longer than 2 weeks (I was a smoker then), freaked out, went to the GP and he said I just have a sore throat, prescribed me antibiotics & a chest x-ray to rule anything out, the xray was normal & my cough stopped.

Two weeks after that my cough returned, another trip to the dr, he prescribed me cough syrup for which I only took once, the cough stopped.

A week passed and my throat started to hurt (like I was getting a cold) but the throat was burning also like I had swallowed acid, he said I have reflux & gave me lansaprozole fo a fortnight, the throat did not improve, the burning has now subsided but all i have now for the last 6-7 weeks is a feeling of tightness round my throat (like you have a stitch in your skin and you are trying to release some pressure), I also have a feeling of 'breathing through a hole' or a hole in your throat sensation (best way I can describe), been back to the dr twice, I have had full bloods and they all normal. I asked my dr about throat cancer and she says I have anxiety!

Feels like my throat is sticking together & everytime I swallow it either sticks or it feels like I have loads of mucus just stuck at the back of my throat or something is stuck there restricting my throat! The right side of my throat has a cut like feeling whenever I swallow saliva but eating and drinking is not effected. The dr refused to send me to ENT for a scope but I am terribly nervous this is throat cancer and what I am feeling is a tumor or growth!

I am a 35 year old female, I do suffer from anxiety but these symptoms have persisted so long now!

I confess to googling my symptoms too (driving me mad!)

Has anyone suffered from LPR as the last dr's visit she says it is silent reflux and has prescribed me omperasole for 2 months, is this really symptoms of LPR it is driving me bonkers!!!!

I have made an appointment with a specialist ENT privately (costing alot) so that that maybe he can put a scope down my throat and tell me what is in there...

Any advice.....would really be appreciated
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