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LRQ abdominal pain+other symptoms-need answers

Im a 14 y/o male. lower right quadrant abdominal pain started in late january early february. Accompanying symptoms were diarreah, appetite loss, weight loss, and nausea. I saw my primary care doctor a week after the pain started. I had urine, blood test, x ray, and was ordered a ct scan the same day. Nurse operating radiology ordered wrong ct, so i had a pelvic ct. Everything appeared normal. Appendix and some other digestive organs did not appear, but the rest of the scan came back normal. Urine and blood test came back normal. I was going to be referred to a gastroenterologist. A week later, i came back to the same doctor because of persisting pain, and he was worried so he ordered more blood tests x rays and ct. I do not remember the results of the blood test, but he did not seem to upset about it. He was worried about appendicitis this time, so i had another ct scan. I had an abdominal ct scan this time, and the appendix "seemed" normal. 6-7 mm. And the radiologist told us i had enflamed lymphnodes in my abdomen which could of meant anything. We did not hear anything else about the scan. My first visit to the gastroenterologist, he became worried of crohns or ulcerative colitis, so we scheduled a upper and lower gi tract endoscopy. The only thing that came back was acid reflux. Our next appointment, he put me on cyproheptadine for the appetite, omeprazole for acid reflux, and carafate for acid reflux. The last appointment we had, that was last week, a nurse that was getting information mentioned possibility of gallstones or something else like that, and we should probably get an ultrasound. After the nurse left, the doctor came in, and told us the blood test(we had another done before this appointment) came back fine. He said what seemed to be a possibility was IBS, but to me the symptoms didnt seem to add up. The enflamed lymphnodes makes me think its something else. He is going to prescribe me VLS probiotic, and paxil to add seratonin to my stomach, than see in june what is the next step. He still isnt 100% sure what it is, but i dont feel like it is IBS. Its 3 months later, and i am tired of the pain and want a diagnosis. I dont know what are symptoms or not but here are some things i have been feeling:fatigue, lower right abdominal pain(sharp), loss of appetite, nausea, occasional naval pain, occasional pain under my ribs on the right side, pain radiating to my back, somewhat blurry state of mind occasionally, bad circulation to fingers. Also, could it be anything not related to gastroenterology?Thank you and if you need anymore information just ask.
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I have the exact same pain with the exact same sympotms, sharp pain in low right quadrant, occasional upper right pain, brain fog, fatigue, swollen nodes in belly, loss of apetite, occasional navel pain and pain spreading through my right hip to my back.. Because i am a woman they are blaming reprodcutive issues which i know its not...Did you ever find an answer toy your pain?
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