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Lap Nissen / Anxiety Disorder

My son had a laparoscopic nissen fundoplication in September 2007 followed by months of complications including retching, chronic diarrhea, and weight loss of over 35 pounds.  A physician at Mayo Clinic said the surgery is rarely performed on someone with diagnosed anxiety disorder.  

Is there a clinical practice guideline that states this, or is it a known fact among Gastroenterologists?
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i also had a laproscopic nissen fundoplication approx. 5 years ago and i too had all kinds of problems after years of miss diagnosis's i went to a gastronologist who did a test where i ate a egg with radio active dye and then had to lie down and they watched it digest and come to find out the doctor who did my surgery cut the vegas nerve in there and now i have gastroparesis- my stomache is paralyzed.i too also have anxiety.it's been years and i still suffer and i'm 41 years old and have lost so much weight i weigh 123 lbs now . best advice i can give you is too keep looking for answers and take one day at a time.god bless
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i was on a different forum that got hacked ,so i got on this one. i have posted several times in gastro but have never havd a response,  i see you posted in march and its almost Aug.so i assume you've had no response.what goes on  with this forum. am i missing something?  i had nissen fundoplication 2 weeks ago and still haave heart burn, still taking nexium.i am no better than before, i can eat anything but not as muchyo i feel like the surgeon left the wrap too loose. should i have it done again if he suggest or am i asking for trouble.at least i got a response on the other forum, if i don't on this in a few days its deleted off my favorites,  
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