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Laxatives every day for 12 years, will this affect her ability to carry a baby?

My wife had bowel problems  12 years ago and had two years of diagnostic tests and research into why she could not pass stools. They found nothing so she found her own remedy of using dulcolax everyday for the past 12 years. We are now wanting to have a baby, but know that dulcolax can cause uterine contractions. However, my wife cannot have a bowel movement without them. We don't know what to do. Help!
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What kinds of laxatives?  Are you worried that  her being on laxatives for so long would impact her ability to naturally have a bowel movement and she would need to continue them when pregnant?  I think in general,  the type of laxative she uses is important to know.  Is it the bulking kind or a stool softener?  The bulking kind like metamusil is better for long time use.  The other, stool softeners, impact your ability to go without the softener and you need higher doses for efficacy.  They are safe during pregnancy though (in fact, I was told to use them occasionally then to help with constipation). When I first wanted to conceive, I met with my ob/gyn and talked about it.  They gave me advice on things that help, things that make it harder.  So, this would be a good idea for your wife.  She should tell them about the laxatives and see their opinion.  She takes them daily?
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