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Left Leg/Hip Pain with Diverticulitis

Had first colonoscopy approx 6 months prior to first bout of diverticulitis.
Right after recovery from colonoscopy, doctor came in and gave test results;
said "well you have diverticulosis, nothing to really be concerned with, most people over age 40 have this,
just change your diet a little and everything should be fine, increase your fiber and nothing really to worry about (I'm 45 and female) well 6 months later got SEVERE pain in lower left abdomen, unable to urinate, fever, chills pain of 10/10 on pain scale and thought it was a kidney stone or severe UTI so ended up in ER at 1AM; ER doc first thought it was kidney stone as well until CT scan came back indicating "large abcess in colon left lower sigmond" had to have urinary catheter, was allergic to all IV pain medications and IV antibiotics so after trying several different ones with everything from migraine headaches continously 24/7 to huge skin rash, large amounts of edema, nausea, vomiting etc etc (both with pain meds and antibiotics) (said I was septic from infection????) doctor finally decided to discontinue and let me try and fight it on my own which I did and was finally released from the hospital 4-5 days later.  I haven't had any follow up treatment(s) since (this was in April 08'); only doctors I saw while in the hospital was the "house doctors" no GI specialists etc. NOW.......my question is I've been having severe left hip/ilec crest/groin/down to left knee pain off and on daily every day and sometimes in the left lower abdomen where it originally hurt where the abcess was in the colon....could there be a connection with the abcess/diverticulitis and this left hip/groin/knee pain.....if so, what and why???? please any and all assistance is greatly appreciated....thanks  
P.S.  I did see my general practioner once I was discharged from the hospital and it was recommended that I do not have a colonoscopy for 6 months due to possible risk of perforation which could then result in peritionitis.  Not sure what I need to do but I feel I need to do something especially now that the pain in my left leg is increasing; my general practioner is no help in assisting me to see a GI specialist for they do not personally handle this they turn this over to a scheduler in their office who then coordinates this and they are of no help what so ever for I have already tried several times to no avail....please I need assistance and or advise....thanks......
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P.S.  Was told I may have a hernia resulting from the diverticulitis/abcess is this possible???  I didn't know you could get a hernia from this....I was told that if it was a hernia then this could cause the pain in the left hip/groin/knee etc. but for some reason I can't seem to see the connection from the diverticulitis/abcess to hernia in colon???? please help.....desperate for answers  thanks
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Hi! First i must say OUCH!!  My experience------------was had both knees replaced did fine--------then few months later--------------kept getting this pain in my lower right abdomen and in my groin--------could not imagine what it was-------------so, finally went to ortho. doc--and did an xray----------and found out that my hip now needs to be replaced.  The groin pain does go down to my knee and makes my leg feel like it is going out. So, maybe you could look into that possibility. Much luck to you. Sunflowers
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