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Left Lower Quadrant Pain

20 year old female who started vomiting a week ago- was sent to the ER and was sent home after IV fluids.
LLQ Pain started a few days after (also in left groin area). Pain is described as burning and painful and going down her left thigh down to her leg.  Visited doctor who then admitted her to the hospital for 24 hours. CT scan revealed a small ovarian cyst on the right side and an enlarged colon with a lot of stool on the left. Enema was given and stool was successfully expelled. However, the pain is worse. Hospital released her with Ibuprofen. She went to go see a Gastroenterology doctor who did not know what to do with her so he sent her to a Gynecologist who examined her and  recommended a transvaginal ultrasound. But the Gynecologist says this test will not be conclusive.
Does anyone have any suggestions for what my daughter should do next? She is in a lot of pain and the doctors will not give her narcotics because if it IS a colon problem, any narcotic will make it worse.
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Wait a minute, if there is an ovarian cyst, that needs to be monitored and the left ovary might need to be removed.  I know she is young and hasn't had kids yet, but this kind of misery is not something a woman can live with.  Ibuprofen is usually ineffective for this kind of pain and is really only going to aggravate the stomach and taking too much is too hard on the kidneys.  Tylenol will not work and has had warnings in the news about liver toxicity even with taking the proper dosages.  Such dosages are ineffective for this sort of pain.  If the pain is colon pain, an antispasmodic can help with the pain, but the problem with the antispasmodic if the colon is already slow and tends to be constipated already, the antispasmodic can worsen that kind of problem as well, because it will slow the colon down even more.  

A hot water bottle may help with the pain--some.  I really don't know what she should do next, but hopefully my comment will at least help to bump your question back up to the top and someone who knows more might be able to help.
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If she ate sesame seeds, or small nuts or seeds in tomatoes,
see if you can rule out Diverticulitis, this is inflammation and infection of the intestines food gets into pockets of the intestines causes pain on LEFT side, sharp pain, needs antibiotics. I didnt know tht eating healthy to lose weight would bring this on, ended up in Emerg Hospital for 5days in Antibiotics. turns out my grandmother had it, my sister was misdiagnosed by 2 or 3 Drs , one , her own Gynocologist, she spent 3days in emrg bfore being diagnosed with Diverticulitis. 3weeks ago, my mother thought she had the flu, and she had eaten a bunch of small sesame biscuits, and had sharp strong Pain the next day, this is what it is. Its also VERY COMMON. check that out.Often mistaken for Gynocological issues.
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