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Left Stomach pain..

Hello  I'm a 47 yr old female for the last Month & a half i have had left stomach pain below my rib cage off and on all day and everyday..  my symptoms are a dull left stomach pain when i eat then burning in my stomach after eating..  it also hurts when i lay on my left side..  and  a burning hunger pain with burping every mornings  i have seen 2 doctors for this problem both did blood work checked Liver and Pancreas and also for a Ulcer..every thing was fine..Gallbladder was removed yrs ago.. has anybody every had  this problem? Thanks for any answers..by the way I'm taking 150 mg of Ranitidine twice  a day..
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Have you had an endoscopy to view your stomach, or a colonoscopy?  This may be referred pain from your colon. It sounds like an ulcer to me.
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