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Left abdominal pain

My 10 year old has been to the doctor many times since Feb. She came down with a gastro bug at the beg of Feb. complete with diarrhea, temp and vomiting. She got better for four days and became sick again with vomiting and diarrhea. She got better for a week and then woke one night with L abd pain. She was nauseous and begging me to take her to the hospital so they could make the pain stop. She was also complaining that her chest was hurting. Her heart rate was fast & she was pale. We went to the ED. They did a chest xray and urine and sent her home. For two weeks she did this. hugging the toilet and crying that her Left lower quadrant was hurting. She cont. with diarrhea but no vomiting. We kept seeing her doc and the ED. Two more xrays showed stool back up. This was treated. Finally refered to Gastro doc. Did a upper and lower endoscopy. Was normal. She was started on Levesin for suspected IBS.

She is now complaining of her legs being constantly tired. She has fallen a couple times. She says sometimes they just give out on her. She is also been having R sided headaches. She has never been a child that has been attention seeking. She is a great student and is very independent. Although it seemed VERY out of charachter for her, all the tests came back normal so we wondered if she was trying to get attention so we would sit her 1 levesin on the table if she got up over night and got her a warm pad for her stomach. We told her that she had to try all things before waking us. She came to me last night physically shaking and crying. She said it was really bad again. She has lost 10 lbs during this process. We found out that she has been waking her older sister nightly so that she did not have to wake us and cause us to loose more sleep. But the abd pain still wakes her.
Could these symptoms be connected? I hate to take her back to the doc because we are treated like we are purposely trying to find a problem with our child. But I believe that she is hurting. She  had more doctors visits in the last two months than in her entire life.
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Hey I just came across this on a search engine.  Listen, I get HORRIBLE stomach pain from any artificial sweeteners.  Could it be that?  Her symptoms sound so much like mine when I eat Splenda, Equal, Aspartame, etc.   Be careful it's in so much, diet soda, candy, lots of things.  Splenda is usually listed as Sucralose in ingredients. Hope she is doing better now?  
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Had all this with a kidney stone. They did not find a 2-1/4 inch stone in the ultrasound! They had to do an IVP-[xray with dye].
It is painful and they do make you sick! VERY painful!
The heart races merely because we get scared and our pain level is up A LOT. For many of us, it is a normal reaction to have the heart rate go up during massive pain.
It can't be stopped unless pain goes away or goes down.
R. sides head aches can be normal from stress of the pain.
It can also be the runs from migraine. Have you heard of abdominal migraine? Google it. They exsist and they are awful!
Several possibilities, but you need a doc that won't stop with a few tests. Get her in there and get some relief mom.
You can do it!
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