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Left side Flank pain

Mid Left side Abdominal pain, starts under the left breast, under the rib cage and can go into side and back..  CT scan is normal, can anyone tell me what this could be.  Other than the pain, I have really no other symptoms.  I had a endo and colonoscopy last year..and it showed gastritis..but after the ct scan in february...the doctor has no idea what could be wrong.  I originally thought maybe pancreas issues...but with the ct normal...I don't know any more  Please help
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The pancreas is on the right. Your spleen is on the left. Any trauma lately?Could be from gastritis but I am not sure.
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Oh I forgot any history of kidney problems or Gall stones?
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Although the pancreas is technically toward the right, pancreatic pain ism felt under the left rib cage, around towd the back sometimes and can even go down the left flank. Currently I am being treated for chronic pancreatitis with 50 mg. methadone daily and 30 mg. roxicodone 3x a day as needed for breakthrough pain.
That being said, it has been a 'clinical' diagnosis 3 years in the making and after multiple hospital visits, specialists and pain management doctors. Although the CT Scans didn;t show it, my enzymes came up high 2 times - by sheer happenstance. The pain was intolerable.
In the hospital, it had to be controlled with Dilauded 4 mg. IV push every 2-4 hours at it's worst. I went from a total of 6 oxycontin daily (2 tabs 3x/day) to 300 mcg. Duragesic patch (titrated, of course), and finally to the current regimen - which allows me to live a somewhat normal life.

Ask your INTERNIST to refer you to a GOOD pain management doctor with a script stating a (possible/probable) diagnosis for chronic pancreatits and he/she will also evaluate you. They don't just give out meds. for the heck of it. They are serious Doctors that, if you are SERIOUSLY in pain - they want to help you, and have the knowledge and eperince - and a wide variety of tools to aleviate pain.

Lastly, ask your Pain Management Dr. for a Celiac Plexus Block. It's an injection in the spine that blocks the nerves that send the pain signal form the upper GI area (including the pancreas). I found it gave me some relief.

I wish you well and hope my experience has been of some value to you.
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I did have my gall bladder removed in February.  No gall stones..but a non functioning gall bladder. No kidney problems at this point.

I have had lab tests, CT scans, colonoscopy, endoscopy and I even had an MRI done at one point.  

How do I find out for sure or not if it is pancreas related.. my gastro doctor is saying they can't find anything wrong...  

The pain is not severe to where I'm heading to the hospital, but I'm hurting pretty much all the time...

I really hope it's not the pancreas...but I just don't know what else it could be.....

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is there any chance this could be an allergie to dairy?  My doctor suggested avoiding all dairy and Casein products...I am trying to but still seem to find no relief.
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