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Left side stomach pain

I recently had surgery because my appendix had ruptured. But even before that i have had this pain in my lower left side of my stomach. I have had tests done and they have found nothing. The pain comes and goes. Usually after i eat something and walk around it gets very painful. I no there is obviously something going on. i just don't understand why they can't find anything. Could you possibly give me some answers?
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Have you had a colonoscopy?  
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Experiencing the same symptoms except my appendix has not been removed. The pain usually starts in the evening and progressively gets worse as the night comes, to the point i cannot find a comfortable postion on my back side or front. They conducted a colonoscopy supposedly sedated but that was an extremely painful procedure, to the point that i was requesting them to stop. As it went on the pain subsided enough for me to lay still. I'm currently still in hospital and still awaiting a diagnosis as to what is causing these pains. It as above starts in my lower left side of my abdommen then progresses to move lower into my testicles and eventually in to the lower left side of my spine. Painkillers that they are presribing do little to stop quite literally the agony. The gas in my stomach feels trapped and my stomach begins to burn. All of this begins in the late afternoon to early evening as mentioned. They have conducted tests but none regarding stool. Its been a few days now and the pain is increasing, essentially turning me into a vegetable at night. I have no answers nor idea on what to do.
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