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Levitor ani ?

Okay, for a while now I've had a strange bouts of pain in my rectum that would bother me for several days and then go away ... And come back later.  Until this morning I was baffled, and I really didn't want to go to the Dr. saying my rectum hurts.

But this morning I read about levator ani syndrome.  I am convinced nearly 99.9% that this is what is going on down there ... especially after looking at diagrams of the levator ani muscle.

What I feel is this: a general ache in my rectum (this time on the right side - never bilateral) that aches from the rectum/anus area to just behind the base of my scrotum. The sensation is like a dull ache, not a sharp pain.  It sometimes feels like there's a big marble up there or like I need to have a BM.  It's clearly worse (or at least more noticeable) when sitting (or coughing), and doesn't bother me in the least when walking or jogging. It actually feels slightly better (temporarily) after a BM.  BMs are normal (only occasionally somewhat loose).  This particular episode has lasted about 3 days and I suspect that as usual, will be gone in another 2-3 days.

From what I've read, levator ani syndrome seems to have nailed everything I'm experiencing. Like I said, I'm 99.9% convinced that's it. In fact it wouldn't suprise me if it started due to the fact that I'm 50lbs overweight and sit for 9 hours a day at work in a not so comfortable chair, followed by an hour or two at the computer at home, again in an office chair.

But anyway, I need some feedback. Given that there is really no treatment for this condition, is there any real need to visit the doctor? For instance, are there any prostate issues which have these exact same unilateral symptoms?  I don't want to ignore the problem just because it ceases on it's own, if it could be something more serious. But I've never heard of unilateral prostate symptoms, and hemmorhoids (sp) just don't seem to fit the bill. Any thoughts?
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Are you a physiotherapist?

I too possibly suffer from levator ani/fissures/pelvic floor disorder. However, I find the Kegels (3 sets a day) to make my problems way worse. My therapist tells me I need to continue with them to stabalize the muscle. However, I've discontinued therapy at the moment and was instructed to keep doing the kegals. However, it feels like the muscle just gets tighter and tighter and I can no longer release. Just awful. Any suggestions?
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From http://****.***:  

The discomfort may be relieved by walking or pelvic tightening exercises similar to Kegel exercises. Other treatments include massage of the muscle, warm baths, muscle relaxant medications, and biofeedback. Electrical stimulation of the levator ani muscle has been used to try to break the spastic cycle. Injection of botulinum toxin A has also been used.

A prostate check is important.  While prostatitis would probably not be asymmetrical, a nodule could be prostate cancer.

A new habit of walking for exercise every other day would almost certainly improve your quality of life.  

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There are some forms of treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction that can be undertaken if that is what the condition is. There are specially trained PT's and other who work with forms of external and internal visceral manipulation to relieve pelvic floor problems. But the big thing is the find the underlying cause, so you really need to consult with you doc to try to get the the 'cause. If pelvic floor problems are the cause he can refer you (hopefully) to someone who knows how to work with you to 'work' those muscles.
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