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Life without a colon


I am new in this community.
I was diagnosed during my second colonoscopy with night grade dysplasia polyps (my first also had polyps but low grade dysplasia). I have a heavy family history of colon cancer.
I have 3 small kids and 46 years old and I am afraid to die with cancer.

I order to avoid cancer 2 options were provided to me:
1. Perform very close colonoscopies every 3 to 6 months to remove polyps
2. Perform a colectomy

Some doctors think it is radical to remove cólon once it is a difficult procedure with high risk surgery and quality of life decreases significantly. People told me I would never be able to make sports or to travel or to even go out with friends because I would be incontinent and have to use wipes for the rest of my Life.

My life waiting for a cancer to be developed will not be better at all. Of course if I have cancer in 3-5 years probably they will remove and cancer therapy will have to be apply.

If there is anyone that ever did a colectomy or had to face any similar issue please answer me.
I need advice and heard from others experience.

My life this moment is a crap doing colonoscopies and waiting for a cancer results. I wanted to remove my colon (by now they will leave my rectum, as I don't have cancer...yet). And if removed colon I will not have cancer. Please post your experiences, because even with wipes is better than cancer, once I want to live and see my kids growing.

Thank you.
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