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Lightheadedness after eating

Lately everytime I eat I feel lightheaded. I don't have to eat a big meal and sometimes I haven't even finished when the lightheadedness kicks in. The other night I had a regular salad prior to dinner. The lightheadedness started right away. I forced myself to eat dinner because I knew I needed to eat. I am not talking about over eating or stuffing myself. I hesitated to talk to anyone aobut this because I am a nurse and have never heard of this before. Although it has been going on for a few months.

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Other symptoms, beside lightheadedness?

If it was FOOD ALLERGY (probably to fish, shellfish, nuts or tree-nuts), you'd probably also notice throat or skin itching, lips or face swelling, transient rash, or diarrhea. If lightheadedness occur only after particular food, you should have a skin test for allergy.

If it was DUMPING SYNDROME (rapid stomach emptying), you'd probably also feel hunger, irritation, tremor, profound weakness, anxiousness (due to hypoglicemia followed by adrenalin release). This would happen especially after SUGARY meals. It is the gastric emptying test, which can show this.

POSTPRANDIAL (meaning after-eating) HYPOGLICEMIA may be due to developing diabetes. It is an after-meal blood glucose test, which can confirm this.
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