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Lipoma in upper right abdoman

My internist is referring me to a surgeon to examine possible Lipoma's in my upper right abdoman. These are hard lumps that seem to have appeared quite a few years after my gall bladder removal from having gallstones. Are there possibly other reasons that these lumps could be caused from? I have had an endoscopy that showed gastritis, and I have had a colonoscopy that diagnosed microscopic colitis. I have swallowing problems, some choking, bloating in my upper abdoman under my breasts. I also have GERD/Reflux, and on-going diarrhea problems, generally curtailed by meta-mucil. I take quite a lot of pepto-bismul as well, plus nexium. I do have a weight problem which I am well aware makes these problems worse.
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Bonnie, there are many people who have intestinal or abdominal lipomas and as far as anyone knows they're not 'due' to anything specific other than they may be 'programmed' genetically in some manner. Sometimes lipomas run in families.

If you have microscopic colitis I hope you're looking into the possibility that a gluten-free diet might be of help in your case. Gluten is now being found to be tied into the problem although it's not yet known how it works. Since gluten can also produce some rather strange symptoms in some individuals who are celiac, it's possible that some of your other symptoms might also be resolved if a gluten-free diet works for you.
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my daughter has discovered she has knots or lumps through out her stomach told the doctor he sent her to a surgeon i was not pleased with him ...she has pain in her stomach all the time and has trouble breathing sometimes she had a CT done it showed nothing but a cysts on her ovary help somene should i take her to a cancer center or what no one wants to  help DOCTORS that is   Thanks!
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Wow I have this same problem I keep getting cysts on my ovaries arm and now i feel them in my stomach its like a joke 1 hysterectomy 3 laproscopics to remove ovarian cyst and now i am scheduled for another laproscopic to remove 3 cyts and an ovary.  whats this lump iam feeeling in upper left side of stomach my husband told me he is tired of hearing everyday i dont feel good am i imagining things
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