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Liver - Ultrasound - CT - Fibrosure results

Hi all, I have some questions regarding fatty liver diagnosis.

In short, 50 y.o male 5'6" 195lbs. I went to my primary care doc complaining of pain in my right abdomen near my rib cage. Sent for ultrasound (beginning of March), referred to GI. Physician assistant said I had an enlarged and fatty liver, she ordered ASH Fibrosure, Hep panel, AFP, Serum, Tumor Marker. All of these looked "good" except the Steatosis score which came back as "marked or severe steatosis".

Was sent for a CT scan (5/29/15) to see if they could tell what was causing my pain. CT Scan showed all organs normal, including the liver. My question is, was there something wrong with the CT scan or interpretation or is it possible that I am helping my liver to get healthy? And could my lifestyle changes have helped in the 3 month time frame? The GI physician assistant never returned my call asking the question and the nurse who answered the phone said "depends on how they do the tests". My primary care doc was at a loss to explain the difference between the tests.

More detail on the intervening time:

Due to (what I hope are only) lifestyle changes (diet, exercise, limiting alcohol to occasional glass of red wine) in a 3 monthish time frame I've dropped my cholesterol from 254 to 183 and dropped my weight from 195 to 166. I can't believe this would cause such a difference that the fatty liver wouldn't show on a CT scan...

Thanks for any info!
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