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Liver diagnosis

   I am wondering if anyone can help me out. I am 36 years old and just found out through a routine MRI I have a small (2cm) lesion on the outside of my liver. I just had a biopsy on Thursday and I am waiting for the results. I am very worried it is cancer. I did have my kidney removed due to cancer 4 years ago. It was a confined tumor and needed no radiation or chemotherapy. Now after being cancer free for 41/2 years they discovered a solid lesion. Is this most likey to be the worst? Should I be worried sick if it is cancer since I read that the percentage rate of survival is low for liver cancer? Please help!

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yes,be worried,but just remember a few things,,lesions on the liver usualy mean a hamangioma,,,kinda like a "strawberry" leasion,,,not dangerious,,or a birthmark!!!
my step mom had same thing,,,got all worked up,but come to find out it was a birthmark!!!
i would say worry some,as you are going to anyway right!!...but have faith,,im sure your cancer free1,,good luck,and let us know!
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Thank you for your response. It sure is taking alot out of me. I am worried my two babies won't have a healthy mom as they grow up. It  really is hard waiting for the results but sure helps when there are people in this world that you don't even know that can take a minute to respond and cheer someone up. Thank you!
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your welcome,,i got brought to these forums for 2 reasons,,
1..i have a good friend that is dieing from pancreatitis,and he has two little kids and i wanted to better understand his issue.
2...i too have some issues,and was actualy worried i had developed pancreatits from drinking (im a bit of a weekend warrior)
but i have had literaly dozens of tests for everything from pancreatitis to diabetes for my weard symptoms i get every once in awhile.
but i get reading peoples questions and issues,and i feel compelled to throw out my honest openions,,,
i have devoted a great deal of my past time to reading up on the human body,and the gastro track,and to completely understand its inner workings,,,for myself to figure out my problem,and for my buddy.
so when i do leave a feedback,it is i promice you comming out of knowledge,,not just a guess.
funny thing is medicine in itself is nothing more then educated guesses done by docs,and who are docs,people who research and school on issues,just like we do ourselves when we cant get answers!!
docs hate it when you go to them,and ask,and sometimes demand to have certain tests done,they want to be the one to tell you whats wrong with you,and sometimes if you do the proper research,,knowing what you are experiencing,you can alost always do you own diagnosis!!
either way,please feel free to drop me a line to chat,or let me know how things turn out,,,mike
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