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Liver issues (High Urobilinogen and hepatic lesion)


   I recently did some full body check and found following issues.

   1. Urobilinogen 2 mg/dl
   2. T-CHOL 232 mg/dl
   3. Triglycerides 345 mg/dl
   4. Ultrasound showed a 1.3 mm hepatic lesion in liver, probably hemangioma (report says). Right kidney not found or masked by gas.
   5. Have not got a hepatitis B vaccination in the past and had Jaundice once when I was 12 years old.

      This is the first time I do an abdominal sonography. My age is 32 and has no symptoms so far (other than some bloating and gas sometimes). I am a little worried as all problems point to liver/gastroentrology issues.
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