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Long lasting liquid/bloody Diarreah, what could I have?

It all started about 5 weeks ago now. I was away camping and for some reason or another, I couldn't use the portable toilet, and so was not able to go for nearly a week. When I got back however, I found that I was frequently passing more watery stool, with an increased desperation to go.

This gradually became worse until just over 2 weeks ago where I was passing watery stool multiple times a day, frequently with blood. The doctor told me to go to A&E where I had a blood test, though there were no problems.

I was given Codeine Phosphate and told to submit a stool sample. The codeine phosphate (4x 30mg a day) seemed to work, hardening the stool and lessening the frequency. There was still blood sometimes, but mostly fine. About 4 days after taking it, I got pretty much all of the side effects. This included throwing up, really bad heart palpitations, racing mind, tiredness, inability to sleep. So the Doctor told me to lower the dosage. However, the lower dosage had pretty much no impact on my diarreah.

2 days later, I was told to stop taking the codeine, and instead take Loperamide. This is what I have recently started to take, and though it lessens the frequency, the stool is still pretty much liquid/mucus, and some blood every day. The stool being either a mix of maroon or dark brown.

Today I recieved the results of the stool sample, and it was fine, with no action needed. The stool sample however, was submitted when the codeine was making it look normal, without blood. I am currently waiting to get an appointment for an anoscopy but do not know when it will be possible.

So I have had a clear blood test and stool sample, does anyone know what I could narrow this down to what I could have?

Thank you if anyone can help
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