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Long term swallowing difficulty

I'm a 40 year old male, 6', 185lbs, no smoking, occasional glass of wine, recently started on cholesterol medication (ldl 168).  3-4 years ago I suffered from anxiety problems.  The anxiety lead to all variety of physical symptoms which compunded the anxiety.  

I had a variety of tests run to check: irregular heart beat (stress test), fullness pressure lower left side of chest (ultra sound) and swallowing difficulty (felt tightness in left side upper throat).  All tests showed no problems.  

With the help of the occasional lorazepam and a job change the anxiety problems and almost all symptoms disappeared.  Only the swallowing issue remained.  An ENT looked down my throat and saw nothing except a slightly irritated throat.  He prescribed an OTC Prilosec.  My General suggested the tightness might be due to a slightly enlarged lyph node, though he could feel nothing in my neck.  

I went on my way thinking the swallowing thing would take care itself (like my other symptoms).  As time went on the swallowing issue did not change.  As it was very mild (I'd forget it was there at times) I did not fret.  I did notice that when I was getting sick (not often), the swollen area seemed to get sore (leading me to think it was a lymph node, as well).  I considered it my early warning signal.

~2 months ago, I felt that the swallowing problem was getting a little more noticeable.  Then over the holidays it started to get even more uncomfortable (not painful, just a little pressure, more food sticking).  I took motrin for a few days and it seemed to help ease the pressure.  I saw my family doctor who performed a physical, checked my neck for swelling, and looked in my mouth.  He found no issues.  He scheduled me to see a specialist who will evaluate my swallowing (guessing barium swallow or some such thing).

Is there anyone out there with similar experience (mostly the swallowing - though anxiety may have played a role here, too).


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I as well suffer from periodic difficulty swallowing.  I feel it is more related to a torn pectoral muscle and feel it may be nerve damage, but I get a feeling on the right side of my throat like the muscles are cramped and will not relax.  It is especially worse when eating something chewy like bagels or solid food.  I don't go along with my Doctor saying this is from Acid reflux.  I don't feel burning and it does not seem to be worsened by things like coffee and acidic food.  I have some anxiety and nervousness, and I get startled at night just from the sound of a passing car if I fall asleep watching TV. I also experience this mostly after the Christmas and feel it may be stress or related to having swollen lymph nodes when sick as well or at the start of the cold weather.  It is almost like getting the "lump in your throat" when you cry that won't go away.  
Last year, when my symptoms were most severe, there was actual swelling on my breast bone.  I have had a chest ultrasound, but may be going for upper GI series since the ultrasound was clear.  It seems to affect my lungs and vocal cords as well.  I have constant mucus and burping.  Have you had any of these other syptoms?
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