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Long term treatment Nexium

I have had gastro problems for 30+ years. I am pre tagamet. So I have been through
several meds. Nexium does work for me (40mg) I started taking it when it came
on the market. I am scoped yearly.  My doctor just removed 25 polyps from my
stomach and 3 from my intestins.   I had more polpys in my stomach which will
be removed later. Could nexium be partly the cause for so many polyps?

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hi my name is michelle and i have had gastro problems 4 about 10 yrs and just started on nexium about a week ago and ive been on alot my dr will be doing a scoped done he said my gastro problems r sever and will need surgry i will be starting protonix and zantac when am done with nexium i was on prilosec 4 3 mos and lost over 30lbs in 3 mos am only 30 yrs old and very worried do u have any edvise 4 me
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What surgery does the Gastro dr. think you will have?  Is it Nissen.  If so, please follow the advise after surgery and for at least 2 weeks stay on full liquids.  invest in a blener and chopper. On a full liquid you can have mashed potatoes and potato soup that is blended.  Just try and only eat a cup at one time.  This will help prevent the gas in the shoulders that cause so much pain.  You can eat every couple of hours or if you are really hungry try every hour.  Try to space it to every 2 if possible.  But only eat a cup at one sitting.  This will only last a couple of weeks.  It also prevents the filling that something is stuck in you throat that a lot of people have.  I heard lots of horrow stories before my surgery.  This is my suggestion.  Find the best bariatric surgeon you can find.  One who has done lots of this surgery by lapo and who can offer you a loose wrap.  That he has done lots of loose wraps and has had lots of success.  
Good luck.
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