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Longitutudinal bulge below rib

Normally no protrusion, or tenderness.
If I lean over  ... for example to reach down to right foot while seated , or reach to floor to my right side ... I get very significant pain.  A 'sausage' shaped lump is very clear following the outline of my rib cage, and just below the ribs.
It starts about 5 " in from centre line of abdomen, and the lump is about 5- 6 " long.

The pain in so intense that I am incapable of doing anything until it subsides .... I can relive the pain by applying pressing on the protrusion and pushing it 'back in'
There is no pain from palpation either when the protrusion is 'active' or after when it has gone.

It happens several times each week.

I went to Dr.   he sent me for X-ray to discount rib damage ... which I thought pointless as it follows curve of ribs but about an inch away from rib line.
X-Rays were negative - and he advises he has no idea.

Any suggestions as to what this could be.
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This isn’t showing the date on my phone so I don’t know how long ago you posted this question but did you have a barium test done for a hiatal hernia?
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Sounds like a hernia. Inguinal hernias (70% of all hernias) occur when the intestines push through a weak spot or tear in the lower abdominal wall, often in the inguinal canal. A hiatal hernia occurs when part of your stomach protrudes up through the diaphragm into your chest cavity.
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