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Lower Stomach cramps with diahrrea with certain foods..

I was reading everybodys questions about stomach pains and decided I needed to write my own. For about 2 years now..but more recently I have had stomach cramping and pains with diahrrea associated with foods.My lower stomach is also almost always bloated. It was never an issue bad enough years ago but I cant deal with not knowing or the pain anymore. I have been to the dr about it and he has me on fast acting anti spas medicine for now so i can try to find out what causes and doesnt cause the pain. If i eat something that i cant tolerate for some reason somewhere around 2 to 3 hours later I get severe cramping some worse then others and have to go to the bathroom and stay in there until I have a BM and the pain subsides. I hear people ask all these obvious questions like are you keeping a diary are you ruleing out this and that. And the answer is yes. I keep a food diary I have been staying away from dairy and i recently thought it could be gluten intolerance so ive stayed away from gluten. But it stills seems to happen almost everyday. If anybody could tell me what it could be..here is a list of my daily foods..
Oatmeal for breakfast( I can have oatmeal with no problem) with sugar,honey,and a banana.
Lunch is usually apple juice(fine) and corn tostitos chips(also fine)
dinner lately has been just plain rice with sometimes soy butter which i read is gluten free.
Last night i had white rice and plain chicken i cooked(which ive had chicken a hundred times and been fine)
and I had cramps which this time were mostly gas but the cramps were bad and long enough to take my Anti Spas for them.Why do some safe foods still cause problems..Im scared to eat almost anything!
any answers would be great. Thank you.

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Hi, I'm a nutritionist.  Not a dr.  First of all, you are eating way too much sugar in the morning.  You have 3 types of sugar on your oatmeal !  Cut out the honey and the sugar and just eat fresh fruit with your oatmeal.  And, if you MUST have more sweetener than that, use Stevia Extract ( I like NOW brand).  And you need a lot more vegetables in your diet.  If you can't eat raw salads, steam them, stir-fry them,or grill them. You also mentioned in your diet that you eat plain white rice.  You need to cut out all the refined sugar and refined grains (i.e. white rice, white bread, white noodles, etc.  You can have whole grain bread.  Try eaing Spelt bread, spelt noodles, and brown rice), and limit your intake of meat and omit dairy..  Stick to fish and use soy milk instead of cow's milk.  You said that you feel better after having a bowel movement.  That means you probably have IBS.  See a holistic dr and have him check you for yeast, as this can cause IBS like yours.  Also, have him do a test called a Heidelberg Gastrogram (google this).  Your diet is great.  You don't eat any processed foods.  But stop eating those corn chips.  Most people with IBS can't eat dried flour products like corn chips, crackers, rice cakes, cold breakfast cereals,etc.  Don't think that because you feel no cramping right after you eat these foods that they are "safe" foods.  What is probably happening (although I'm not positive) is that, when your bowels start to move around because they want to come out of you, that is when you get the pain and once they are out of you, you feel better.  Eat lots of whole grains (the oatmeal is great, but "Steel Cut Oats" which take 20 min to cook, are better),beans (as in bean soup), vegetables, and fruit.  Avoid nuts.  Eat fish instead of meat and poultry whenever you can.  Here's an example of a daily diet for you....
Breakfast :  Steel Cut Oats with a banana
Lunch : Quinoa mixed with vegetables that have been stir-fried in extra vigina olive oil and a little fresh tarragon
Dinner : Whole grain spelt noodles (not the white ones) with Rao's brand spaghetti sauce.  Steamed brocolli with garlic quickly simmered in a little olive oil with sea salt.

Wait at least 1 hour and then have some grapes for dessert.

By way, if you don't have a health food restaurant near you and  your looking for a place to eat out, try The Outback.  Order the grilled salmon, whole grain rice (there is no white rice in this mixture, just brown rice and wild rice), and grilled vegetables.  Good luck!        
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In my example of a daily diet to you I suggested 3 vegan meals.  You should eat 2 vegan meals each day, and have animal protein with 1 meal.  So, if you were to do the diet above one day, I would keep breakfast and lunch the same,but have chicken with brown rice and steamed broccolli for dinner.  (buy a half of a roasted chicken from the super market.  cook up some plain brown rice.  Lightly steam some fresh broccolli. Tear the chicken up into pieces - throwing away the skin (this is enough chicken for 2 dinners).  Take the cooked brown rice and let it cool down a little.  Stir fry it in a small amount of extra virgin olive oil with sea salt and black pepper.  Add the chicken strips and steamed broccolli near the end.  Eat.)
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Hi Thank you for your information..but I seem to have some problems with your comments..for one..of course some things I eat that dont work good for me need to come out and when they try to thats when the cramping is and when its gone thats when it stops..thats a given. Thats why it happens around 3 to 4 hours after eating as that is the time it takes for food to be digested to around the lower intestine. Thats not the issue as the oatmeal i eat has just as much sugar if not less then a normal breakfast cereal. And i have no problems with oatmeal all day. Next is that i use to eat very healthy such as only whole grain and lost of fruit and vegtables but when i first thought IBS i read to stay away from things like whole grains and go for soluble foods like white bread white rice..things like that. The only reason I am eating like this is because Im scared to eat anything else that I use to eat..as i have tried several times and had problems. Also the corn chips dont have flour i them..its white corn, canola oil(s) and salt..it I dont have a problem with them. Last night I has mashed potatos and was fine..I dont know if its celiac/gluten sensitve or Chrons disease..or just plain IBS..but I dont feel that you are giving me enough credit as to what ive already tried.Another thing is that sometimes it seems no matter what i eat for several days like a flare up would be i have gas/problems. Like i read about chrons disease..Sometimes the Internet can be trouble looking for answers..
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(Can you tell I'm concerned about you...?)

You should also be on a supplement each day now.  Here's what I recommend, and the brands.  Mix these things into 8 ounces of soymilk with 1/2 cup of fresh or frozen blueberry's.  Blueberry's are the highest in antioxidents of all fruits.  This drink will also make your skin look good.

1. "All One" multiple vitamin/mineral powder (don't get the iron-free one) by NUTRITECH.  1 heaping tablespoon.

2. "Liquid Target-mins" Calcium/magnesuim/vitaminD3 - by country Life. (It's blueberry flavored).  1 capful

3. Flax Oil (either Barlean's or Spectrum's brand) Take 1 tablespood for every 100 pounds of body weight that you have.

Mix in a blender all 3 things with the blueberry's and soymilk.  Drink 1 of these every day.
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Also..thats really the only sugar i eat all day is in the oatmeal so its not too much for a daily % value. And As i said in my first post is i am staying away from gluten AND milks, only using soy milks. I take a centrum multi vitamin everyday since i am aware my diet is not getting enough nutrition alone. I know it has to be one of the 3..IBS Crohns or Gluten sensitive. I think those are the only main issues that have the symptoms i have. Im just looking for an explaination as to why some foods I can eat like Oatmeal..grits..mashed potatoes..white rice..soy milk..I can have peanuts..tostitos chips..usually grilled chicken..and things like ketchup..soybutter..apple juice..and others i cant think of right now.
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As I said, I'm not a dr.  I'm a nutrtionist.  So I don't have a clue as to what your problem is or why you have it.  However, I have treated a lot of people with bowel issues.  One thing they all have in common is that they all have an imbalance of their intestinal flora.  ALL of them.  And sugar feeds yeast.  That's why I said watch your sugar intake.  That's also why I said to have a holistic dr test you for yeast as traditional dr don't know how to test for it or treat it.  You might also start taking a probiotic.  The best one I know of is Primal Defense Ultra by Garden of Life.  Get the caps if you get it.  Taking a multi is not enough for you.  And you absolutely MUST take your supplements in liquid form.  And your body needs all 3 I recommened.  But hey, it's your body.  Do what you want.  And whoever told you not to eat whole grains but to eat refined one is wrong.  Also, that's "corn flour" in those corn chips.  Anything baked (or worse yet, fried) liked that is going to be murder once it starts digesting and coming out for most people with IBS.  That's why I mentioned it.  And your welcome for all the time I spent helping you.
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