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Lower abdomen discomfort.

All of this problem started when I took Paratrex/Living Defense (same ingredients, different brand) at Global Healing Center or at store.infowars.com:



Within' a week or two of taking this particular supplement to clean and ward off hostile parasites in my colon, I started to feel constipated and having difficulties passing out stools. I get this weird discomfort within lower-right of my abdomen. Initially, my anus was badly infected and swollen and I had a very hard time straining my stools out. The pain was very noticeable: pricking sensation in my ascending-to-mid colon, itchy anus after taking a stool (long standing issue), constipation (bloating is not an issue now). Randomly, my stool becomes medium brown with black ridges, sometimes I get one or two black spots on my stool. I rarely get red stools (it tends to show a red strip, not the whole stool itself), it doesn't show up very often. Sometimes I get silky brown stools, other times I get medium-dark brown stools, yellow and black ridges – took some pictures of it. Bristol stool chart would be number one and five – back and forth – that occurs on or after January 12th. As of right now, I am experiencing discomfort on my lower ascending colon. The mid and descending colon seems fine to me, I think – I could be wrong. I don't feel any pain when sitting or walking around for a bit. When I walk from a reasonable distance, I can feel the pricking/pinching sensation, running accelerates it though. Secondly, I get this strange electrical sensation humming throughout my body starting from my stomach.

Steps I took to rectify the problem:

- Probotic drinks: Kombucha/KeVita.
- Tree Oil Soap to relieve itchy anus every time taking a stool – it works, extremely effective!
- Undergarment underwear to prevent infection.
- Prunes: 2-3 prunes when needed – helps IMMENSELY!
- Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (2 tbsp w/ purified water).
- Purified water for hydration purpose.
- Bio-active turmeric from herb-pharm.
- Intestinal Support from herb-pharm.
- Ducolax (rarely used tho, prunes are better).    

Symptoms I am experiencing right now:

- Occasional pinching/pricking sensation from various location inside the colon (large intestine).
- Discomfort on lower-side of the ascending colon – feels like a rock.
- Bloating seems to go away as of right now.
- Sometimes the stool is silky brown, sometimes it show black ridges with one or two small black spot (see the picture for better clarification).
- Electrical current sensation originating somewhere in my stomach.

I often eat non-GMO food.

Any idea what's going on? Thanks.
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