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Lower abdominal night pain

I sleep with bely up.
After 4-5 hours of sleep, I awake during the night, founding myself with crampy, pressure like, lower abdominal pain on both sides. I don´t have any problems with my stools.
If I get out of bed, then the pain will go away in 15-20 minutes. I don´t have this pain during the day.

What can it be? Can you help me?
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Thanks junie37. Thanks for the tip on the Peppermin Tea. Sounds delicious. Fibers are very very important also.
I went today to my physician and he did a ecographic test on me.
At first I though it might be something kidney related. But it is not.
It is something related with the colon... He prescribed me "Duspatal" to "ease" the colon and "Omeoprazol" for the stomach.

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I too would like to have some answers as i am having almost the same thing.  I do have IBS - C but have not experienced it in this manner befor---- pain at both sides of waist, burning from navel to breastbone, aching in back. Of course i have BM problems. At present, i am trying Peppermint Tea and am not sure if it will give long term releif but it is recommended as a natural treatment. I also have to watch my diet and have tried using Metamucil and fiber in hopes of correcting this.
Hope to hear something that explains this.
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