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Lower left abdomen popping noise

Hello!  Recently I've been having a problem where when I'm laying down trying to fall asleep my lower left abdomen area starts making a popping noise with each breath in and out.  It also feels like something (gas bubble?) is shifting up and down and if I press down on it I can shift whatever is.  There is no pain, it's just quite annoying.  Any thoughts on what this may be?  Is it related to diet or food sensitivity?  Is there some over counter medicine that could address this (I've tried Pepto-Bismol and unfortunately it doesn't seem to combat the popping much)?
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I'm experiencing the exact same symptoms in my stomach and it's on both sides. Sometimes it's so bad I can't sleep. My stomach feels like a minefield. There are constant fireworks. My GI doctor did all kinds of tests and he can't figure it out. There is nothing wrong with me on paper but my stomach is going completely insane and it's been going on for almost 2 years now. Have you found anything that helps? Please let me know. I am desperate at this point.
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