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Lower left abdominal pain

Just after a bit of advice.  Ive got a swelling in my abdomen area that is very uncomfortable and has been for some time, (approx 8 weeks).  Approx 2.5 inches in from my hip bone.  It is obviously swollen to the eye and feel.  My g.p sent me for an ultrasound which showed nothing, but the radiographer said it doesn't see into the stomach/ gastric areas.  

I went back to my g.p who seemed happy with a clear u/sound.  I asked about further tests and he said that they weren't neccesary.  

I get pain in the area of the sweling and is tender to touch but there is nothing to feel if you know what i mean, no lump or anything.

The pain radiates onto my hip and almost in a straight line from under my rib cage down to my groin, and sometimes into my testicle area.

History of: erosive gastritis from previous use of steroid based pain meds.

Bowels are irregular at all times- no set time or amount, firmness varies.

Does this sound like a GI problem like the radiographer suggests?

Any other ideas please?

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you might have irritable bowel syndrome, because that does cause pain in the abdomen. I do I have IBS and i get pain in different area of my abdomen. YOu might have a sentitive colon due to the drug use. It's weird that the doc didn't much more about the condition. Are taking any medication for your pain? Or  even for you abnormal bowel movements. WIth Ibs you react to different foods, so that can be the cause for abnormal bowels movements. Hope I helped.
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I would get a second opinion if you are having pain and an area of swelling and inflammation that your GP is basically patting you on the head about.

When my gallbladder had to be removed, it had no stones and it didn't even show up as HUGELY inflamed, but my GP new that pain was from something. He was right, it had stopped functioning.

Something is wrong to be having that much pain for that long and I wish you the best.
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I am 36 years old and having a lot of swelling to stomach region.  The pain triggerson lower left side the to back up to rib cage.  Doctor sd possible IBS
From time to time I feel pressure in viginal area. What do think is going on
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