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Lower right qaudrant pain, scared and seeking advice.

For a while now, maybe a week and a bit, I have had LRQ pain. It seems to move around, from the appendix area to the groin, and wraps around to the back and kidney area. As well, a mix of constipation and then diahrrea. I'm really quite terrified of it being appendicitis or worse yet, peritonitis. I have seen two health professionals, one at a clinic and the other in the emergency room, both of them saying its nothing, perhaps just a pulled or strained muscle. Like said, I'm scared, and I would like some sort of reassurance or advice.

Thank you all very much!

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1. It can be a stone in the urether and additional stones in kidneys. Diagnosis is with ultrasound or x-ray.
2. Intestinal hernia?
3. Crohn's disease - inflammation of the last part of the small intestine, just beside appendix. This would go with bowel habit changes...There are stool/blood tests for Crohns.

4. Appendicitis goes with nausea, vomiting and raised leukocytes in the blood. Appendicitis is painfull at any time you press on area. Bouncing sign is present: lye down on the back and press deeply sopmewhere on your lower LEFT abdomen, then release the pressure quickly. In peritonitis or appendicitis you should feel a sharp pain on the LRQ area. Peritonitis would also show marked inflammation in the blood.
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pain from urinary stones is like colic: comes, hold you for minutes/hours, goes away completely, and again...
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