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Lump in lower left pelvis?

What could be the cause of a lump in the lower left pelvis area?  I also have pain in this area, this lump seems to feel like it moves around a little bit.

It is not an ovarian cyst as I had an ultrasound done and left ovary appears normal. I was diagnosed with endometriosis last year (2007) and gyn said that it might be GI related. Have appt in July for colonoscopy to look at my colon.

Could it be a swollen lymph node/gland?  If it was a swollen lymph node, could it be missed during ultrasound?  I've been feeling very similar symptoms as far as pelvic pain just like before my endometriosis diagnoses last year.  Could endometriosis cause lymph nodes to become swollen and therefore make you feel it?  The lump is located right where my left ovary is located.  Could it be my colon that is swollen (although I'm not feeling constipated and have had normal bowel movements, however painful bowel movements).

Is the colon on top of the ovary or is the ovary on top of the colon inside of the female pelvis?

Thanks for any answers.
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Oh my word, this is SO similar to what I am going thru right now....I have a lump in my lower right quadrant that moves around some and both my GYN & I can feel (it feels pretty big).  I have a lot of pressure and a little bit of pain (pinching).  I've had an U/S and it's not my ovaries...GYN  thinks it could be my colon or something and I have a appt with a Dr specializing in internal medicine for more testing, etc coming up.  My BMs are normal.  
I hope we both find out what's going on....I'm very interested on responses to your post!!
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Hey, wow, it's amazing that you are going through the exact same thing.  Yes, please let me know how you go with your tests etc too.  I will do the same.  It's just so frustrating not knowing what it is.

Good luck with everything. :)
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... me too. Although I must say, I can't use the bathroom regularly either. If I didn't take laxatives, I wouldn't go for weeks. Did anyone get their test results back?
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Hi Erin & Pretzel0,
I feel the same traveling lumps recently, did either of you find out anything about the lump?
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hey im 16 recently i feel the same little lump on my lower left pelvis it moves a little but it dnt really hurt lyk that im scared2 kno what it is i didnt no others was havin the same problem im hopin its not cancer or anything. Most definetly update that plz n thnk u..
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Has anyone found out what this is? I can feel two hard movable objects which seem attached when I put my fingers in my vagina and push away from my stomach. The objects are definately movable, not painful, and are not always there. Also, they are each about marble size. My health seems to be great but my mom had cancer of the appendix and anything weird really scares me. I'm have health care but it is not through an employer and am afraid it would cost a lot to go get checked out. Is this something normal or something to be concerned about??
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Did anyone find our what the lumps were I have 2 or 3 pea sized lumps in my lower left abdomen that hurt when I grab hold of them..I have had a papsmear pelvic ultrasound and ct scan of pelvis and abdomen that showed nothing..I find it hard to believe they r just fatty lumps when they r painful
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mine lumps r lipomas the stinging type
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I'm a 15 year old girl and yesterday I felt a small lump where my pelvis meets my upper thigh. Like bikini line area. Its underneath the skin and tender to touch. Can someone please tell me what this is?! It's getting me worried, Help!
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