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Lump in throat

I have has a lump sensation in my throat for 2 months now. This came with a sudden onset. Doctor says it could be anxiety related seeng that I have severe anxiety or some problems that come along wit reflux. I have been prescribed adivan for my anxiety but as well im too scared to take it. The only relief i have is wen i first wake up. The minute i eat or ecome stressed the feeling returns. To describe this, it is a feeling like your throat is real tight or may have been karate chopped. Please help me understand this more...Im scared to death.
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This feeling can be brought on by anxiety and/or acid reflux.  You need to take the Ativan, if this feeling goes away you will know it's anxiety.  Acid reflux causes one to feel like they are choking on their food and can't swallow it, a tight feeling.  But please realize that if you have anxiety you are making things worse with not taking the Ativan, because your anxiety feeds on fear, and this is making you very fearful.  Ativan is very safe, I have taken it myself.  There is no reason to be afraid.  Think of how much better you will feel without this anxiety, and the feeling in your throat. You don't have to suffer like this, so please try the Ativan, you'll be glad you did.  Take care....
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