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Lump in throat

What can be causing this sensation?
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If you are having problems with acid reflux, the sensation could be globus. It's a 'feeling' of something in the throat - like a lump. If this is the reason, you need to work with your doc to try to bring the reflux under control.
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Hi ive been having this "lump in throat sensation" for a month now its so annoying i dont have trouble breathing or swallowing food....but it is hard to swallow my saliva. The feeling gets alot  worse at night. I also have acid reflux. I try to burp alot to relieve the feeling but it dosent work. It feels like a tight necklace around my neck. i dont know how to get rid of this.. maybe its GERD? but i dont know im kinda scared because it will not go away. VERY ANNOYING. Help please?? Thank you
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If you have acid reflux, you need to check with your doc and start some treatment. That sensation is probably not going to disappear until you get the reflux under control.
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Ya ur right i did get prilosec otc by my doc. i quit taking them cause i was thinking it wouldnt work. so i better start really taking them. thanks
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I have a sensation of like a chicken bone or pill stuckin my throat and it like moves up and down then goes away, then it comes back abit later... not burning, like a pressure roling in my throat. I notice more so when I am nervous or upset, or stress.   Its anoying and I really cant afford to go to a doctor....needless to say have upper endoscopy done...help me out please
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