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Major pain while pooing.. help please..

I have been having problems while trying to use the bathroom for a few months now terrible pain while having a bowel movement, like stiffen up and clamp something. Along with constipation and diarrhea, well then I started to bleed but only every once in a while red not black , thought maybe i had a hemorrhoid then busted and now its over, well the pain didn't stop and this month symptoms have gotten much worse i have extreme fatigue, nausea, gas, bloating, so much pressure, the gas that comes is extremely foul smelling, loss of appetite because i know it will cause more harm then good, dizziness, almost fainting, oh and feeling like I am going to go all over myself to only being a tiny amount of poo that actually does come. I'm bloated and cramping no matter how much i let gas out or go to the restroom. when I do let out gas it hurts my bum. Now only a few days ago after using the bathroom there was so much blood darker this time, that night I thought I started my menstrual cycle, but the next morning after taking care of the problem going to the bathroom again there was still so much blood,and nothing on the tampon. I went a few times that day always blood, I was scared and all that day even after only peeing when i wiped there was blood. I went to the doctor he checked for hemorrhoids and tears he finds nothing my blood count comes back fairly normal. I am going to a specialist the 25th but I am in pain now, has anyone had anything similar what can I do to ease the pain in my rectum, and this cramping in my stomach and pressure so much pressure in my lower stomach. What going on down there? How can I get some kind of relief?          
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unfortunately, it could be many things causing this. you could have an ulcer, celiac, crohns, colitis, or something else.
Without knowing the cause it will be hard to tell you how help with the pain. I would suggest going on a very bland, basic diet. Dont eat anything that is hard to digest. So no diary, gluten, fatty food, coffee, acids, etc.
Try to eat super healthy, fruits and veggies. lean meat, fish, and chicken. Drink lots of water (60oz a day). hopefully this will help.
When you see the specialist, (GI specialist, i hope). If he doesnt order an endoscopy and colonoscopy i suggest you tell him or her that you want these tests done. they arent the most pleasant thing in the world, but they are your best and fastest way of getting to the root of the problem.
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