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Managing Multiple Symptoms

I haven't checked in with this forum in awhile.  Had a good run after my nissen in late Sept., but things are detriorating again.  The reflux situation is good, but stomach ulcers are active with nausea and intermittent bouts of diarrehea.  It has caused episodes of dizziness.  I am taking nexium and promethazine.  I also have nerve or vascular symptoms that include arrm, neck, finger numbness and pain.  I have had nuclear stress test - no irregularites, and I am waiting for vascular scan results.  Raynaud's syndrome has also been diagnosed.  I have been very disappointed in the commuication from the cardiologist. Next I have an appointment with a neurologist.  Does anyone know if these symptoms have any connection?  One doctor's suggestion was residual nerve pain from the surgery.
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Again as stated on other threads, the best for intestines, stomach problems as ulcers reflux is ulmus rubra (slippery elm). It will heal the walls of these and also help with diarrehea and constipation. Depends on the amount taken. For renauld´s I would suggest vitamin B1 and B3 though all should be taken, vitamin E and lecitin and ginko biloba. The pain and numbness could be a prolaps in your neck.
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