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Maybe Not GERD?

I have had the exact same syptoms that the gentleman before me said that he had, with the nausea and really excessive burping, as well as discomfort from the gas in my stomach.
The acid inhibiters help some but not completely.
I was told that it probably was GERD, but when I read the symptoms for GERD, with the pain and burning, and sensation that something nasty has come up in your throat, I have none of those symptoms, just the escessive burping, burping, burping, which is unbelievable how much I will burp.Hard to believe that that much gas could be created in my stomach that quickly. But anyways, I burp like there is no tomorrow, and feel nausea, and will sometimes throw up. That so many of the symptoms don't match, just makes me question if it is GERD, and not my gallbladder or something else, or me having put on weight.

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