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Med student asking for help here

Hi guys im a second year med student and currently taking microbiology. Heres the deal... my insain teacher gave us a project where we need to research common affections of the bowels and stomach... The problem is having only passed histology celular biology and anatomy as you may guess I have no clue as to what may cause a bowel or stomach infection...

If anyone could be as gentle as to at least point me towards a nice book that can be read thatd be a great help... Most microbiology books are organized by the agent and I dont need the agent I need the affection it causes... I could read the whole and then set them aside but hey Ive got other subjects too (as im sure you very well know)

Im thinking of reading a semiology text book what do you guys think? any input would be of great help...

Thanks in advance
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Have you tried doing any research on the net?   There is an untold wealth of information, but of course it isn't in book form.

Just type your subject into a search engine.  

Also - Mayo Clinic

Usually one link leads to another, etc.  You just have to put forth a little effort and time. -:)

Good luck with your studies

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Try looking up Celiac Disease or Celiac Sprue; Chrones Disease; Inflammatory Bowel Disease; and that great make-believe disease now given the name of IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  IBS  is a fabulous catch-all scapegoat for lazy doctors who are unwilling to perform the necessary investigations to get to the root of the patient's real problem.  Anyone with a tummy ache these days gets diagnosed with IBS, and usually told that fiber will cure them forever.  BAH HUMBUG!
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