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Medical Mystery, STOMACH CRAZINESS that started with Strep Throat?

Basic Stats about me:  
20 years old
Normal weight for height
No hospitalizations or surgeries since i was 13 (i had 4 eye surgeries for lazy eye and my tonsils out)
No meds
No history of serious health problems in family (mom had thyroid removed)
I am in the military as are my parents so we're pretty healthy people
NEVER have had anything like this happen to me before

It all started on Mon Feb 21st. I woke up with a sore throat, fever, tiredness, and my stomach hurting a little bit, and just a bad overall not feeling well.  I didn't feel any better on Tues, so I went to the doctor, who tested me for mono and strep.  Two days later I got a call, saying I had strep type C (most commonly found in animals according to google?).  I received the antibiotics on Friday, felt better on Saturday, and felt like I got a stomach virus on Sunday. All of my blood work was coming back normal, including my white blood cell count despite clearly having strep throat.  

I had an appt with my doctor on Monday Feb 28 to recheck me for Mono, when she discovered that I was pretty dehydrated (idk how that happend in one day).  I still had pretty bad symptoms of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and stomach pains (sharp on the right lower side) So she hooked me up to an IV for a few hours, and then I experienced urinary retention, which then they inserted a catheter.  My stomach pain was getting worse so they decided to send me to the hospital.  (they took the catheter and the IV out first)
At the hospital, they did some bladder measurements, did a blood test, urine sample test, and a CT scan.  Everything came back normal.  They put in a catheter and sent me home.  

I basically layed in bed feeling terrible until Thursday (March 4th).  I then saw a Neurologist who wanted to get an MRI but my insurance wouldn't cover it.  And then I saw a Urologist who took the catheter out and said it's probably nothing, and didn't even examine me.  The next week was spring break (I'm an engineering student in college), so I just sat on the couch for the week trying to catch up on all the work I missed from being sick as best as I could (i was orginally going to Puerto Rico but had to cancel the trip).  

Went back to school and saw my doctor, who saw blood in my urine and was convinced I had a UTI.  Tests came back normal, no UTI.  I also was not having ANY UTI symptoms.  So they tested my stool, came back normal.  She told me to rest and drink fluids and that I should come back in a week.

The next week (Mon March 21) I was having a pains in my stomach and back.  She decided that an ultrasound would be the next plan of action.  But my insurance was being weird about letting me get an ultrasound.  

The next week (Mon March 28) I had a doctor's appointment.  They noticed that I seemed dehydrated again, and that my pain was only getting worse.  My doctor decided that I should go to the hospital since things were not getting any better and that it could have appendicitis.  At the hospital they did a CT, an ultrasound, and blood work. Everything came back normal. So they sent me home.

On Tuesday, I had to a Urianlysis test for the military, and when I tried to urinate, I had this EXCRUTIATING lower front abdominal pain out of NO WHERE.  It hurt SO bad that I couldn't see and I started dripping with sweat.  They almost took me to the hospital from there. I couldn't move.  It lasted probably about 45 min. and then I gave the sample and I left.  My stomach was hurting a lot for the rest of the day.

Yesterday (Wed March 30) I went to the Neurologist who still wants to get an MRI so they're going to try and do the whole insurance thing again.  

Today (Thurs March 31) I do feel a lil better.  I have pain in my right abdomen area and on my right side below my ribs.  

Symtpoms Experienced:
Decreased Appetite
Nausea (comes and goes)
Diahrrea (comes and goes)
Vomiting (comes and goes)
Abdominal Pain (varies in severity and mostly on the right side, sometimes on the left, sometimes in the back)
Occasional rash with red bumps (only happened the first 2 weeks and last night) and it's not hives
Occasional dizziness

Does anyone have any ideas?  
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