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Mesenteric panniculitis

I have abdominal pain for couple years , but jus now i get diagnosis: Mesenteric panniculitis. My Lymphocytes are 45,5 andbilirubin 1,4.What treatment are for this disease?
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Reginute, this is apparently a fairly rare condition. In general, treatment for this condition will depend on a variety of factors, but it is suggested that it should be individualized and based on the symptoms and complications, so you're going to need to work closely with your doctor. In general, a trial of immunosuppressive therapy is typically recommended with corticosteroids used in combination with tamoxifen as the 'preferred' first-line therapy. Azathioprine or cyclophosphamide can also be added.

If the condition proves refractory, thalidomide is suggested.

For obstruction due to the condition, surgery is the proposed best option.
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