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Mild Gastritis

I am not if this is the best place to ask, but I'll do it anyway. So I am 18 years old, and I was told by my doctor I had mild gastritis. This all started when I got sick(soar throat, runny nose) one day and I started to take meds, so took Tylenol night, then next day had Tylenol day and slept with a breathe right strip on my nose. The next morning I felt very gassy. Stomach was feeling full of gas(I don't know if it was due to breathe right, because I read online that inhaling too much air can also cause gas). The problem was I wasn't passing gas out, so it stayed in me. Due to the gas staying in me, I didn't eat much for a week. I ate rice and milk maybe once or twice a day and most of the time I stayed very hungry, because didn't want more gas and this kept going for a week. Now after the week I started feeling like there was something stabbing me very lightly all over my front from the chest all the way down to the lower belly, and was feeling a slight warm feeling inside in my stomach(my bowel movements were normal, didn't have diarrhoea and no constipation either). The symptoms weren't severe, they were very light. I would get a warm feeling in my stomach for a few(10-15 seconds) and then it would go away and won't come back till like hours. I got worried(I tend to worry for the smallest things), because I searched this online(biggest mistake ever) and I was very stressed by the results. I was stressing a lot. So I went to the doc and he said yea it seems like you have minor gastritis, the linings are a bit inflamed, but it wasn't anything major. So he gave me Pepcid(It is an antacid), he said I should take it and if it doesn't heal I should come back. So after I finished my medication it was all gone for around a week or so. Since I was stressing soo much before, even after i finished my meds and was feeling better, I  was still worried whether my stomach was totally healed or not(So i was still stressing), and now I am getting that slight warm feeling in my stomach again, but this time no heartburn and no stabbing feeling either, just a warm feeling and itching stomach at times(again bowel movements are normal). I am going to a different doc tomorrow to see what happens. So what do you guys think should I be worried?
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Did your doctor perform an endoscopy to confirm inflammation in the stomach? Gastritis can be acute or chronic. Your best best is to stay on a good acid reflux medication if the symptoms persist. Try to avoid things that flare it up. Usually that is NSAIDs (like ibuprofen, naproxen, aspirin), alcohol, foods that are spicy, fatty, and acidic. I don't believe that Tylenol would cause this.
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