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Mild pain in ribcage and watery stool


For the past 3 days I've been having mild shooting pain in the center of my ribcage and upper stomach, followed by frequent and almost uncontrollable watery stools. I drank beet juice to see how quickly things were passing through me, and the juice reemerged about 6 hours later--way sooner than normal. I am vegetarian and a healthy eater, and haven't changed my diet recently. I did eat a fake meat burrito that was cooked on a grill very close to raw chicken and I wonder if he used the raw chicken spatula to scoop up my soy, but I assume salmonella is way worse than this. The onset was also 2 days after the burrito. This is more of an annoyance that anything else, but I have taken about 10 trips to the bathroom today, and my butthole is angry, so I need to figure this out!! Any help is appreciated.

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