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My CSID Experienc in a Cookbook and Supplement Guide!

Hello there! I am very excited to have found this website, as I have just started a project of creating a cookbook for parents with CSID children. My son was diagnosed 3 years ago and have had to spend a lot of time adjusting his diet and learning on my own as the csid support group site is not very helpful. During the past year, I have added several supplements to my son's diet and he thriving and doing exceptionally well! My cookbook will provide all the information about these supplements plus the recipes I have found and altered from various gluten and sugar free books and websites. I would like to have a group of parents try using the recipes and supplements to help reinforce the information I will be providing in my book. This is not an effort for me to profit in any way-- I truly believe I am suppose to be sharing what I have learned about my son in order to help others!

Please contact me by phone or email if you are interested..

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I thought i had already posted a comment, but it seems not. I have a 2 year old boy with sucrose and fructose malabsorption. We are waiting on a small bowel biopsy which is in a few weeks time. However, I am really keen to look into recipes and tips on managing this.

Please let me know how I can contact you further
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My 3 yr. old son has been diagnosed with CSID...I would very much like to get a copy of your cookbook...how do I go about getting one...Please let me know
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My 6 year old was recently diagnosed with CSID.  He has no problem with starches, he just can't eat sweets.  I would like to try some of your recipes.  Are your cookbooks available yet?
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