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My Endoscopic Ultrasound experience and a Question


After months of bowel issues, abdominal pain and now back ache (mostly ignored by GP) I finally referred myself to a private Gastroentrologist who actually "listened" to me and suggested an upper endoscopy with ultrasound to investigate my pancreas which was my main worry. He agreed with me that my symptoms should have been investigated with an upper GI first rather than a colonoscopy - which I'd already had done thanks to a GP who never listens!

So under his advise, I had the endoscopy done just today and was discharged from the hospital with a brief report. Apparantly, the doctor did try to rouse me from my sedation to discuss the results but accordingly to one of the nurses I was acting "drunk" (Cringe Cringe...Hope I didn't embarrass myself too much!!). Thankfully, I can't remember a thing, and only woke up 2 hours after the procedure!

The report says:
Procedure: pancreatic EUS

OGD (oesophagogastroduodenoscopy): normal including normal papilla
EUS: ...some stuff about Pancreatic ducts..major vessels...liver hilum..kidney etc..

conclusion says "normal pancreas".

So, here's my question. Although the procedure was primarily to investigate my pancreas, would the doc not have had a good look at my stomach lining for signs of ulcers, polyps, etc...or other areas for signs no pancreas problems/diseases? There's no mention of stomach on report. I mean if they're going to stick a scope down your throat don't they check other structures as a matter of routine? Or are these tests specific and you only get what you pay for?

I might even have expected some imaging of liver for masses but the report just says "Normal liver Hilum/ left lobe" (what about the right lobe???) and "Normal major and splanchnic vessels".

I don't know. What do you think?

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Just a side note. I had another look at my endoscopy report and it says I received 800mg of propofol sedative. 800mg of propofol?? Is that a misprint or did the doc think he was sedating a zebra? Michael Jackson's died after receiving just 25mg of the same drug! No wonder I didn't wake up for 2 hours of the procedure!
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Hello!  I too have had an endoscopic ultrasound but it showed that I had two of the features of pancreatitis apparently there are five you have to meet to say for sure that Yes you have this!  Anyway I know they also gave me propofol but I woke up nice sounds like you were out for the count!  I don't know why it is but they tend to do the stomach and biopsies of the stomach during a regular scope.  Also I have had a hard time swallowing and they said they would have to repeat the scope for that.  I agree why wouldn't they visualize everything at once?  Maybe there's a medical reason for it but I don't know.  
What type of symptoms are you having?
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