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My doctor seemed uncommitted to a diagnosis; should I switch?

Hi. I'm 19, female, 115 lbs (skinny for my height) and since January of 2012, I've been struggling with recurring bouts of nausea and stomach cramps after eating, sometimes accompanied by vomiting. I also suffer from diffuse gi symptoms, the main other ones being reflux, bloating, and irregular bowel movements that can sometimes be very painful.
Yesterday, I finally sucked it up and went to a GI doctor. I don't like doctors, and I haven't really had the money, but I gave in and decided I couldn't live with this anymore. The first thing that I found weird was no one took down my family history, which I forgot to mention later, but there are several GI disorders in my family that should be important to them. The GI doctor asked me some questions, pressed on my stomach and listened a little, and then talked with me. He told me that he was going to be straight with me. 95% of the patients he sees that are my age, he finds nothing wrong with. He didn't know whether this was going to be the case with me, so he would run some tests, but his gut was telling him this was one such case. I'm not sure why he felt the need to tell me what his hunch was instead of his objective findings, which is what I come to him for, but it was very discouraging for me to have my illness dismissed like that when I already worked so hard to build up the courage to come. My thinking now is, if he allows 95% of his younger patients to leave without a diagnosis, should I really trust this doctor? I asked him what would happen, what it would mean for me, if he found nothing wrong, and he muttered something off about how it could be due to me getting off effexor (which happened a year ago). I told him my symptoms were present long before I even started the effexor. He seemed to have nothing left to say. I left. I go in for an upper GI Friday.

My question is, do I stick with this doctor? I need someone who is going to take my symptoms seriously. Chronic nausea and vomiting is not the picture of a perfectly healthy individual - I can't take that for an answer. My life is virtually controlled by this. Am I right for mistrusting him? Or is this pretty standard that doctors are comfortable sending a clearly abnormal case away as normal?
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I would seek out a second opinion.  I am not certain if you have insurance or your financial situation.  Never the less, look in your community for a free clinic or possibly a clinic that will treat based on income per household.  I would attempt this before the upper GI Friday.  In most cases free clinics if they see the need for this type of testing they will issue a voucher and the service is almost always covered or covered based on income.  Your symptoms however are not to be ignored.  Best of luck friend and please keep us posted.
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