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Mysterious Stomach/Bowel Disease.

It all started last spring when I was eating an incredible amount of cherries everyday directly from the tree without washing them and one day my stomach started hurting like never before,the intestines where bloated and the pain was so severe it had me pinned to the bed.
Long story short after an unbelievable amount of tests and examinations including,tests for internal parasites,test for Clostridium Diffucile,test for Heliobacter Pylori,multiple ultrasound scans and an xray of my abdomen,all of the tests and examinations gave negative results,everything was in order.
Then I went through a gastroscopy and a colonoscopy and the gastroscopy showed that I had Gastritis and Esophagitis.
I got dispatched from the hospital and my doctor basically said "You're fine,there is nothing wrong with you".
About a month and a half after that I had brutal constipation to the point at which I couldn't relieve myself unless I took a laxative,but I read that it was normal after a colonoscopy.
I have to mention here that since this whole ordeal began I've had transparent mucus in my stool and once or twice in the beginning it was a raspberry color.
Another very strange thing that has not stopped happening since the beginning is my intestines seem to bloat up immediately a bite of food enters my stomach,it happens instantly and the pressure  keep building up until it becomes too much and I release the gas.
I've also had cramps usually at night in the lower right part beneath the belly button and right now as I'm writing this the lower left part is cramping up and feels tender.
I also find it difficult to release the gasses when they build up and I need to urinate often.
Recently I was on a hike and when we sat down and had lunch when I got up from the chair an immediate jolt of pain shot from my belly button all the way down through my penis it went on for 5 minutes it was difficult to walk and the pain felt like electricity or a scolding hot liquid going through,I had made my peace with the whole bloating thing and thought it was just a matter of time for it to go away but this event got me worried again that there might be something still going on.
Since I got sick I have been on a very strict healthy diet,I don't consume foods or drinks that may irritate the stomach.
Thank you very much for going through this lengthy text,I hope I can find help here I went through many doctors and none of them have figured out the problem.
Thank you again!

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Hey Nick, my whole experience is almost exactly like yours ever since late 2019 till now, and I’m still facing symptoms. It began with me drinking lemon juice and water every morning for about 2-3 weeks, supposedly to detox and lose weight. Then one day my stomach made these unbelievably loud noises when I was starving. Next I noticed was the bloating, worst at nights especially bedtime, or after having certain foods like avocado or milk or Just something! Milk, I was suddenly lactose intolerant! The agony I faced for an hour of diarrhoea. Endoscopy, colonoscopy results were clean! Finally, I had this doc who strongly believed this to be IBS, prescribed me gastric pills and something to help with stomach cramps. Apparently we have such a thing called “oversensitive intestines “! They spasm too much making us uncomfortable or painful. Suggestions I found were to avoid foods categorised under FODMAP as they cause the bloating! (Mucus in stool is an IBS thing)
My doc warned me to eat simply - no nuts, spicy, etc.. trigger foods. This will be a long journey to recover. Lifelong if we don’t listen to this advice. Hope this helps. Best of luck.
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Hey An, thank you so much for this answer,sorry for taking so long to reply but after a while I gave up hope that anyone would reply to me on this site and I stopped checking. I went through a consultation yesterday with a foreign visiting doctor and he wanted to sedate me and put me through an endoscopy that would examine the whole length of my small intestines,the procedure and foreign treatment will probably be very expensive,and I am going crazy trying to figure out what to do and where to go,your story gives me some relief and hope,thank you so much again for taking your time.
If you wish we can talk some more about this on some other social media, my Instagram is nick.ulvatten or Facebook Nick Ulvatten.

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