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NOT PANCREATITIS/Why is his lipase still elevated?

My husband, age 40, started out with elevated lipase levels (650-750 range) consistently for the past 4 weeks.  He was a heavy drinker, smokes, and eats a lot of fatty foods.  He has gone through massive blood testing throughout the month and everything is normal except for the elevated Lipase levels, had quit drinking a month ago, had an Ultrasound, CT Scan, and MRI which were all normal.  I have noticed signs of depression, anxiety, and his stomach discomfort for at least the past 6 months.   His specialist told him that they didn't believe at this time it was Pancreatitis because they stated the levels would have gone down to normal by now.  He has cleared all of his initial blood work, cancer tests were all normal, Amalyse  is  normal, and all of his scans show nothing else except that his pancreas is enlarged.  Now they are telling him that they are just going to continue to check his lipase every two weeks.  What seemed like an emergency to find a diagnosis is now just a waiting game.  Do you think they are doing the right thing?  Is there anything else they can do?   (He also has been on flecanide for atrial fribulation the past 5 years and they totally stopped his meds for that a week ago and he has had no heart palipitations since).
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i dont understand,,,he has in enlarged mancreas,and hi lipase levels,and you say its not pancreatitis?
not to mention he was a heavy drinker......common
im sorry but theres only 2 things it could be,,,his liver or his pancreas.
and if his is enlarged and his levels are hi,,,,its pancreatitis.....and by now its prob. acute,working on chronic.
he needs to WATCH WHAT HE EATS......no red meat, no cheese,eggs,stuff like that.
now hes not drinking.....DONT DRINK AGAIN!
if things precist,might have to get on some enzyme theropy to help in food digestion,and let his pancreas have some rest.
.......just remember pancreatitis is a progressive thing most the time,and taking away what triggers it will help..and MEDS...pain meds are truly needed to take away the pain for a better quality of life.
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I have a similiar situation-mine has been inflammed since Feb. My dad died of pancancer so I am VERY scared. My ca 19 has been up too. However, all scans clear--but I know it can miss PC.

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