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Nausea, Gas, and Loose Stool

For the past 6 days I have been experiencing nausea on and off throughout the day.  Along with the nausea I have had loose stool and have had to go to the bathroom numerous times a day.  I have been burping a lot which is not that abnormal for me, but have been doing it a lot more than normal.  I get really hungry and when I eat I feel nausea for a bit then just feel as though something is just sitting in my stomach for the rest of the day.  I am worried about what this might mean, because I thought it may have just been a stomach bug that had been going around, but I have not experienced any vomiting.  I just need some answers.  Thank You
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The burping is probably fine, part of the nausea. The loose stool and nausea for 6 days seems a bit long. I'd go to a doctor might need meds or something if bacterial. Not a doctor, just think 6 days is a bit long for a viral bug.
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i have had the same thing for the past week also.  i just got up one morning and after eating the same breakfast i always do, i felt terrible.  same feeling of something just sitting in my gut, and nausea.  actually same symptoms as you exactly.  i went to the doc and am going for a gastroscopy and colonoscopy soon to see what the problem is.  dr thinks it  may be an ulcer, so i am on zantac, and that has helped a bit, but got nausea again tonight after eating a relatively small meal of boiled rice. like you i am over it already and really want answers.  i will post here again once my tests are done.  i have a history of anxiety, so wondering how much is panic related?  
good luck finding answers for yourself, its painful and worrying huh!?
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