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Nausea caused by gastritis and or acid reflux? Or something more nefarious?

So to lay out my entire health history the past 6 months for transparency
- Late March took doxycycline for a previous bacterial infection
-Finished meds around April 8th
-Got a BAD stomach bug around April 10thish
-Afterwards went back to normal
-I used to work out every other day for months
-Suddenly stopped and began eating like a slob due to stress
-Got some bad acid reflux due to it and some anxiety
-After I wanna say May 20 I felt just fine went on eating like normal and even slowly started going to the gym again
-Around a week ago I ate some fried chicken that got both I and my mother sick
-Ever since then my stomach has seemed to not calm down
-There are days where it's fine and no worries
-And days where if I eat too big of a meal the nausea is troublesome
-I went to a clinic where a nurse practitioner diagnosed me with gastritis due to the symptoms I gave to him
-symptoms being nausea and some slight dull points on my ribs and abdominal area , not painful but you "know they are there" kinda feeling
-I took Omeprazole today and felt pretty ok for the most part (I know it says to take for 4 days to take complete effect)

So taking all this into consideration, is it really just gastritis/and or acid reflux? Or is there something more afoot? I don't feel ANY symptoms besides that and even though I have had nausea I have not once vomitted nor have I had any other symptoms.
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Gastritis just means inflammation in the lining of the stomach.


You might have vomiting with it, but symptoms can vary.

"The signs and symptoms of gastritis include:

    Gnawing or burning ache or pain (indigestion) in your upper abdomen that may become either worse or better with eating
    A feeling of fullness in your upper abdomen after eating

Gastritis doesn't always cause signs and symptoms."

How are you feeling now? You're stomach has been through a lot, so maybe stick to some bland, non-friend, non-greasy foods for a bit. If things don't improve, continue to work with your doctor.
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